Welcome to Mommy Hood!


I think that being a mom at any age is a challenge. But being a new mom at a later age has a different dynamic than being a mom at an earlier age.

I was 39 when I got pregnant. We had fertility issues and had to do IVF. It took until we were in our very late 30’s for that to happen. We are so blessed that after the 3rd try we were pregnant. But then at that moment we realized that we were going to be old parents!

Fast forward to today. We have an amazing 2 year old who is, as corny as it might sound, the apple of our eye. But I would be lying if I said being a 41 year old first time mom was a walk in the park. OK, I am going to stop using so many clichés, I promise!!

This blog is going to be about the challenges we face as older moms and just about our little bundles of joy in general. So even though it is focused on the ever aging mom it will be a place for moms of any age to get advice and insight into the minds of our children and other moms out there.


About Shelly Tennyson Taylor

Who am I? I am a first time mom to an amazingly smart 6yr old. I am wife to my best friend of 24 years. I am 40ish going on 29.. ;) I am a writer... I finished my first novel in 2013 and I am currently seeking publication. I work for "the man" but he pays me well to work from home so I can't complain. My blog is simply about life and all aspects of it. I hope you will join me on this journey! https://oldmomsunite.wordpress.com/

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