Is That Kind of Blood Banking For Real?


Ok so if you are squeamish this is probably the time to stop reading………Fair warning…….

So I was talking to my cousin today who is pregnant and we were talking about cord blood banking. I was going to donate my cord blood but because of misunderstanding with the doctors and the people around here not really knowing what they were doing I was not able to do that.

At the time since we didn’t really have any medical problems that ran in our family I didn’t think it was cost effective to bank the blood through a private banking system and pay the money that they charge for that, especially since it didn’t last forever but only a limited number of years. My thought was if I donated it and something ever did happen with her that it was a very likely that her own cord blood would still be in the system.

So as my cousin and I were talking she was telling about this new thing where you can bank your menstrual blood. Sounds kind of creepy but it did get my curiosity juices flowing…sorry that just sounded gross didn’t it? J

Still I was curious so I decided to do some research. And believe it or not it is true. Menstrual cycle blood is shown to have a much better success rate of in growing heart muscle than the currently used method of bone marrow. Similar to Cord Blood menstrual blood cells have the ability to morph or grow into various kinds of cells. It is currently being tested and could eventually help or cure things such as Heart disease, Stroke, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Diabetes, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s.

There is currently a company who will bank and store your menstrual cycle blood. There is an initial $499.00 and $99.00 a year fee. The collection is done at your doctor’s office on the heaviest flow day and the device used is similar to a tampon.

Still seems kind of icky and it is not yet being actually used as a treatment but if I had a disease that I knew could be cured by using my own or even someone else’s menstrual blood I would definitely do it.
Ick Factor versus cure for alzheimers….. Cure will win every time I bet!


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