All’s Fair in Love and Blogging – Or is it Really?


I have the absolute funniest story I would like to share but I am not allowed. Yes, you read that right my dear husband, who is bright and funny has declared executive order over the story. I asked him last night are you really censoring me. His answer, a quick yes.

I guess he is lucky he didn’t marry a comedian because he would be in real trouble then! You might say that the story I would like to share does not point out his intellectual side. He is very smart, but you would not know that from the story, still it is so funny.

He doesn’t want his whole life shared with the world. I told him I only had 9 followers so I didn’t know what the big deal was. Still the story will have to stay locked away for now. Maybe eventually he will see the error of his ways and let me post it.

Or maybe next time I have something too funny to share I won’t run it by him first!

If it was me and I did something crazy or not so smart, I would feel fine sharing it. But that is me; I can poke fun at myself just as quickly as I can poke fun at others.

What about you guys, when you are writing in a public forum like this do you keep the peace with your significant other or would you share the ugly details of a funny story even if they gave you a resounding “No!”.

It’s ok; I will have other things to write about. See I wrote about not writing about it today!


About Shelly Tennyson Taylor

Who am I? I am a first time mom to an amazingly smart 6yr old. I am wife to my best friend of 24 years. I am 40ish going on 29.. ;) I am a writer... I finished my first novel in 2013 and I am currently seeking publication. I work for "the man" but he pays me well to work from home so I can't complain. My blog is simply about life and all aspects of it. I hope you will join me on this journey!

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    • Well, at least I am not alone! Is it bad of me to wish my child would do something completely silly right now so I can write about it? 🙂

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