Who do you share your WIP (Works In Progress) with?


For me it is my husband Tony!

He gets to be the person I run everything by. He helps me brainstorm ideas and opens my eyes up to things and nuances that I wouldn’t have seen without sharing it with him.

I used to share it with my mom too. She was a great sounding board. She was just like me and loved to read. So she understood the nuances and writing details and could really point me out when I was off base and put me high on a pedestal when I wrote something she enjoyed. She truly enjoyed helping me with my writing and it is now that I really miss her the most. I could use her input and guidance.

I never finished a story for her. I had all kinds of open ended stories out there and she kept asking for an ending and somewhere along the way I lost my muse and quit writing.

She has been gone since September and now sometimes I feel a little guilty that my muse is back too late. But then when I start to feel that way something inside me says that she is up in Heaven pushing me still. And maybe that is why my muse is back.

It is going to be different this time around and I am going to finish my story, uh um Novel.
I almost have it finished in my mind but it just isn’t all down on paper yet.

In the meantime hopefully Tony will not get tired of me filling his ear with ideas and thoughts!

So who do you share your WIP’s with? Do you put it out here on the World Wide Web or do you have someone close to you that helps you out.

 I guess I am paranoid of putting my story out here on the web.
I apparently think it is worth stealing! 🙂


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  1. My husband, definitely! But before I could trust him with this, I had to give him rules to make it “safe”. He could critique my work, but only with kindness. Like, he couldn’t say “this sucks”, but he could say, “this could use a little work”. And he also had to note whatever he liked or made him laugh. I recently let my mother read my latest novel before I sent it off the editor, and I failed to give her these rules. The result was terrible! She gave me some really great edits to help me develop the story much better. But while she was holding my novel hostage in her editing process, she managed to tell me that the story was not only depressing, but that it was a book she would never, ever buy if she saw it in the bookstore. I almost threw the whole novel away! Thankfully, I got the novel back, and realized it wasn’t really that terrible. 🙂

    • Wow, see that could be scary. Hubby and I have been together forever….22 almost 23 years so luckily over the years when I was writing he was learning how to edit the husbandly way. And luckily my mom never said anything like that to me I would probably have been devastated! – Glad you didn’t throw it out!

  2. I never put anything creative on the internet. Even beyond stealing, if you every wanted to get published it could really hurt your chances! I usually run things by my husband. He’s really supportive and always tries to give good feedback. Other than that, I have a few literary-minded friends that I sometimes run things by if they’re in the mood. They almost always ask about my progress on my latest project, though, so at the very least I talk with them about the idea. It’s always nice having multiple opinions on a project!

    • Yeah, I guess that is what I am looking for. While Hubby is great and gives good imput sometimes I would like a literary minded person to run it by. I have a few friends who are very well read I may have to reach out to them. Thanks and good luck on your next project!

  3. I think it is completely reasonable to reserve your best works-in-progress for those who love you most. Right now I’m writing a trilogy of short stories – “Life”, “Liberty” and “The Pursuit of Happiness”. I write 2 scenes each day and my dad reads them right after they are written. He gives me nothing but positive feedback. There will be plenty of time for ruthless critique after the stories are developed, but as they are still growing in the womb of my laptop, they need nothing but gentle, nourishing encouragement.

    • Thanks, that is what I was thinking! I look forward to your finished products. I have read some of your ideas and they sound great!

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