Pinterest: The Writer’s New Best Friend


I don’t know if you are aware but Pinterest has added this feature called “Secret” boards.
They are boards that only you have access to (or anyone you allow access). So when you PIN something it doesn’t go out to every one of your Pinterest followers or Facebook friends.

When they first announced it I thought it was a bit crazy. I mean had no idea why you would really need a secret board.

I have found over the last few weeks that I absolutely love this secret board feature. Instead of doing research and printing out a dozen pages or writing down notes and web addresses and such; I can just PIN the details in my Secret folder and then when I need to go back to reference something for my story I just open up the board and the links take me directly to the information I need.

For my current story I have Pinned things such as:

• Maps – So I can reference location and make sure everything is accurate.
• A house from that is where my character lives
• Some local restaurants that will be fictionized (a word I just created! – Don’t judge me Shakespeare created his own words!)
• A yacht
• Some research on Snake Venom
• Some research on Oysters
• And a ton of other things.

It makes it so easy to click back to one of my PINS and get the information I need to lend credibility to my fiction writing. And that is what it really is about. You may be writing about some off the wall stuff but if you have details in the story that make you credible then your reader will believe you.

I truly love the age we are writing in today and the resources that are available to all of us as writers.


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