Happy Birthday In Heaven Daddy!

My Daddy!

My Daddy!

My daddy would have turned 66 years old today.

I miss him. I wish he would have gotten the chance to meet my beautiful daughter.

I wish she would have gotten the chance to meet him. To understand just how much her Papa loved her.

I am comforted in knowing that my daddy knew I was pregnant. I was actually 13 weeks pregnant with my daughter when daddy died. At the time I was convinced that I was having a boy. But not daddy, he told me one day while sitting in my living room. “Honey, you are having a girl. I know because I have seen her and she is beautiful.” He died only a few days later.

I wonder sometimes if God showed him my daughter so that daddy knew it would be ok to go on. My daddy had been sick and in pain for a very long time. But like the fighter he was he held on as long as he could.

My life was not rainbows and unicorns growing up. My daddy was hard and downright mean at times. But he was my daddy and I loved him so much. I was a definite daddy’s girl when I was young.

One of my most favorite things I remember as a child has to be our spur of the moment vacations. Daddy was like that. All of the sudden he would just decide he needed to get away and we would pack up the car and head to the mountains or the beach. Those were our 2 go-to places. It is funny, I don’t remember the vacations themselves very well but I remember the all of the sudden decisions and the traveling. We did a lot of traveling.

I am missing my daddy and my mommy today. Hug your family close. You never know when you are creating your very last memory.


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