The Opposite of a Bucket List!


Puddles 002

I was talking with a high school friend on Facebook about the Carnival Cruise ship that is floating around out in The Gulf of Mexico and she got me thinking.

My comment on Facebook was “You could probably get a good deal on a Carnival Cruise right now!”
Now personally I love to cruise and this incident will not stop me.
However, she proceeded to tell me that cruising was one of the things her husband would never do.
That he actually had a list of things he would never do.

Started me thinking on the topic of an opposite bucket list.

I have a bucket list (see here).

What would you call this list?
Since I can’t come up with an opposite for bucket I am going to call it my puddle list, because without a bucket you just have a puddle right?

What is on my puddle list?

1. Jump out of an Airplane (I have no desire to jump out of a completely fine airplane). However if I was ever in an airplane that was crashing I would totally move this to my bucket list instead!

2. Learn French – nope, no desire.

3. Go on Survivor – I would starve to death in about 4 hours. There is no way I would eat bugs and to be even more truthful. If I didn’t starve to death in a few hours someone else would kill me because I would be whining so much!

4. Be a snake handler. The only good snake is a dead snake! (Ok all you snake lovers don’t give me any grief here – just keep your slimy serpents to yourself.)

5. Run with the bulls. Really being flattened by a bunch of crazy people and million pound animals is not my idea of fun. –Yes I exaggerated the weight of the bulls… sue me….

I guess for now this concludes my puddle list.
I may have to come back and add to it later.

What is on your Puddle List?


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  1. Good choices. There are a lot of places people want to travel to that I have no desire to see. Italy? Nah I’ll pass. Any of the daredevil things don’t interest me much. Trip on acid? My mind’s all over the place already. I don’t want to watch people’s faces melt.

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