My Enemy, Man


I was searching through some of my old writings and papers and came across a poem that I had published in The National Library of Poetry Best Poems of the 90’s book.

I don’t write poetry anymore but I thought I would share it….

My Enemy, Man

I am a tree of solid oak growing exceedingly rugged
Sunrise blankets my branches with splendor and I renew
Rain saturates my sprigs with moisture and I flourish
Winds thrash against me and I discover I have surpassing strength
Lightning strikes me and I poise unbroken
Squalls rage upon me and still I stand
Man comes and eliminates me
Internally I weep for existence
Against nature I am powerful
Against man I am vulnerable

© 1996 Shelly Tennyson Taylor


About Shelly Tennyson Taylor

Who am I? I am a first time mom to an amazingly smart 6yr old. I am wife to my best friend of 24 years. I am 40ish going on 29.. ;) I am a writer... I finished my first novel in 2013 and I am currently seeking publication. I work for "the man" but he pays me well to work from home so I can't complain. My blog is simply about life and all aspects of it. I hope you will join me on this journey!

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