The New Sim City is the Devil to my Writing!


I am not a big video game person except when it comes to games where I can rule the world….Like Sim City, Tropico, or games where I can rule my own business like Rollercoaster Tycoon etc…

So naturally when the newest version of Sim City came out I wanted it. Luckily I waited until all the problems with the Origin server were handled but got the game in time to get my free game. (No rule the world games here in my choices so I picked Bejeweled – I am not a shooter game person and that was about the only other choices) Anyway….I digress…..

The point is I bought this game last Thursday and in that time I have written a total of …..Wait for it……160 words. I keep a spreadsheet (part of my anal rule the world behavior) and yes I have only logged a total of 160 words in the past 6 days. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Sorry I was yelling at myself.

And the sad part is I am winding down towards the end of my first draft of my novel. I am probably less than 10,000 words away from a finished first draft. I think part of it is I am always afraid to “end” a work. When I end it, it is done.  Says Mrs. Obvious! It is time to really start digging in and working the 2nd and most vital part of the writing process which is editing and like most first drafts this one will need a good thorough edit. I don’t like that part as much so I think I am using my SIM CITY addiction to keep that day of “editing” away.

Umm hang on I think I just earned enough money to build a hospital……Just kidding… No really I can finally build a hospital.

See what I mean!  I need a SIM CITY ANONYMOUS meeting!

Today is a new day. I will NOT play SIMS (anymore) today until I meet my writing goals, which are 500 words a day.

OK, off to write! Have an amazing day my fellow followers!


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    • Thanks!
      They are not normally one of mine either! I gave myself a “come to Jesus” meeting so I think I am all good now.
      I wish you well in your goals as well!!

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