Weekly Picking Treasure Finds


Every Pretty Saturday between April and October we go yard selling. No we are not hoarders but one look in our basement might tell you otherwise!  Actually my husband’s job is Ebay. It started rather simply with listing a few items for my parents who were buying storage units at the time. (This was long before Storage Wars and Auction Hunters became big hit TV-Shows.) But the point is they would buy these units and there were often items that were just not meant to be sold at yard sale prices like she was selling the contents of the units they won. They were higher value items that needed an outlet…..Ebay became that outlet.

Once mom and dad started making some decent money on the items we listed for them, I started going around the house and finding things to sell. I soon ran out of things in my house and hubby (who was currently without a job) and I set out one Saturday to see what we could find at yard sales.

Fast forward 10 years later and hubby is still working our Ebay store. This is our Ebay Store Link!

So with that in mind I thought you guys might find it interesting to see a few of our “finds” each week and decided to start a weekly post about our best finds from Saturday.

We found some pretty good stuff this weekend and the best part of finding a good item is not really the item itself, although that is always cool. The best part is when you can get that item for pennies on the dollar and know you are going to make money on it. We are not likely to “get rich” doing this business but it does allow hubby to work from home like me and it allows us both to be able to be full time parents. Not too shabby.

One of the cool finds we made was a set of 4 portmeirion pomona fruit plates. I paid 5 for all 4 of these plates. When I looked them up on replacements.com the dinner plates are going anywhere from $39-$69 each. Granted I am not going to get that for them on Ebay but still a great find!

Pormeirion Pomona Plates

Pormeirion Pomona Plates

 Next is probably my favorite mainly because I only paid $.50 and yes you read that correctly – Fifty Cents! It is a lovely Fenton iridescent carnival glass angel. Again I am not going to get rich on this little Angel but paying .50 (money that you can find in your couch seats) for an angel I can sell for at least $20 is pretty cool in my book!.

Fenton Angel

Fenton Angel


And just because I am a girl and a kid at heart I had to share two more items! First is a vintage Horsman Mary Poppins Doll and the second is The Baby Jolly Green Giant! Both Vintage Items that bring back nostalgia!

Vintage Horsman Mary Poppins Doll!

Vintage Horsman Mary Poppins Doll!

Vintage Baby Jolly Green Giant!

Vintage Baby Jolly Green Giant!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our treasure finding. I will be on the lookout next week for something amazing! Well, I am on the lookout EVERY week for something amazing!


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