Inventions and Ideas: Ahead of the times or Behind?


I was going through some of my old notes and story ideas earlier today and I came across some stuff I had written in 1999. It was ideas for inventions that would make my life easier at the time.

The main 2 that really stuck out were these:

1.  An electronic device that you could somehow hookup to your cell phone via a CD-disk or something similar that would allow you to enter a name and it would show you telephone listings for that name.

2. Another device that you could carry along with your palm pilot that would store and organize your coupons.

Fast forward 14 years – really has it been that long since 1999? It is absolutely amazing how much our digital world has changed in those years.

My iPhone is both of those things plus so much more, that one little device now takes the place of so many, for example.

At the time I made that list of invention ideas I had:

Courtesy of Dan/

Courtesy of Dan/

 A 35mm Camera – I now have it on my iPhone

Image Courtesy of 123rf

Image Courtesy of 123rf

 A 5 lb camcorder – I now have it on my iPhone

Image Courtesy of 123rf

Image Courtesy of 123rf

A BoomBox with a couple dozen CD’s – I now have it on my iphone

The iPhone is also a computer, calculator, game player, GPS, email, notepad.

I did not intend for this post to turn into an iPhone commercial but come on! How is that not amazing when you stop to think about it.

At the time I had those ideas my little iPhone did not exist and I was really showing some forward thinking. Too bad I didn’t move ahead with some of my ideas.

Who knows we might all be talking on sPhone’s if I had!


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