Hardcore Mommy Fail!!


So you may have read my post last week about doing the Hardcore Mommy thing (Check it out) because my 3 year old basically refuses to try anything new. I made a Cheeseburger Casserole and she refused to eat even one bite. So I followed the advice of some of my friends and went Hardcore Mommy! In the morning when she wanted breakfast I gave her the plate of food from the night before……



She just looked at it crying for 30 minutes refusing to even try a small bite of pasta. So she got down from the highchair and back into her room with only water for breakfast…….



At lunchtime back to the high chair and we had a repeat of breakfast. She just sat crying for 30 minutes and begging me for cheese toast. Ugggh, so down from lunch with only water again.

Have I mentioned up to this point that my daughter is just a tad bit stubborn…..

The way the 3 meal thing is supposed to work is dinner you now try a new meal. So being the strong person that I am (NOT) we all had Fish sticks and veggies for dinner. Because I knew she would eat them and I didn’t want her starve. Plus I knew Friday – Sunday would be really hard for me to stick with this new plan.

But I just can’t suffer through her not eating for 3 meals again. So instead of Hardcore Mommy I give you Easy Going Pushover Mommy.

What I have decided though is I am going to continue to try and get her to try new things. By making dinner with something I know she will eat and something new. This will give her the chance to try something new if she wants but have food on her plate that I know she likes and will eat.
Anyone else have ideas that don’t involve having to starve my child?

Oh, and I have 3 “Try something new” presents wrapped and sitting at the end of the table.
She can have one if she just try’s something new.
They have been there for some time now!


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