I Wrote Again Today!


I am in the last few chapters of my first draft of my story.
I can see the end of the finish line.
But for whatever reason this has caused me to quit writing all together. It was not just that, a lot of things have happened over the last few weeks but really they could all be chalked up as just excuses to not find the time to sit down and write.

I found the time to Facebook. I found the time to organize my house some, but I was just not finding the time to write.

Yesterday I read a blog post from Terribleminds called “How to maximize your word count and write more everyday” I thought wow maximizing from 0 might be pretty easy lol!

Now don’t go clicking on those links for terribleminds if you have a problem with potty mouth because he has quite a bad one but the truth of his instruction pushes through all that bad language – again there is a whole lot, but the truth in writing is worth it if you are a writer and need a good kick in the butt every now and then as I apparently do.

The key thing I took from his article yesterday was to write early in the morning. Carve out extra time in the am to get your writing done. Now I do most of my writing in the afternoon hours when my 3 year old goes to bed. But much like the article states in the afternoon I am tired, drained and just biding my time until I can crawl up under the covers and go off to dreamland.

So this morning I carved out some time before my daughter woke up instead of after she went to sleep. I got up 30 minutes early, not much but a start right! So at 7am with a cup of coffee in hand I sat down at my computer, bypassed Facebook and went right to my story. In no time I had over 500 words pounded out. Heck it is only 8am now and I am writing this blog and have gotten my daughter up already so literally no time and 500 words are done!

Who is to say I can’t write some more this afternoon if I want to but I think getting up early and carving out that time dedicated to writing is just what the blogger ordered!

Have a great day everyone and write, write, write!


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