Bumblebee Battles

The picture of Cynthia I managed to get!

The picture of Cynthia I managed to get!

Outside near my baby birds that are growing in my old grill (See these posts Saving my baby Bluebirds & My baby bluebirds have hatched) I also have some herbs and vegetables and a large Rose plant named Cynthia growing in container gardens.

Cynthia the Rose apparently has a guest this season………………. a bullying bumblebee who doesn’t like me to get close to him or the Rose.

I seriously can stand a few feet away from the plant and the bumblebee will hover right at my head and I swear it is looking in my eyes and saying, “go ahead, try me!”

Now I don’t believe that a bumblebee can sting me but I don’t know for sure and the bee well he believes he can hurt me. I can see it in his swagger as he battles me and ducks and dodges and goes in for the buzz kill.

Since I know that Cynthia needs the pollination from the battling bee I let him be. (Oh that sounded corny!)

But the problem I have with leaving him alone is that he thinks he has won. He thinks his buzzing, battling, dodging little self has truly scared a big giant person away.

Little does he know a fly swatter or a can of spray and he would be caput in a matter of seconds.

For now I guess I will let him think he has won the round. But I know the truth! No really, I do!


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