Powerball Drawing at $600 Million Dollars – What would you buy?

I bought my tickets... Do you have yours?

I bought my tickets… Do you have yours?

If you have even glanced by the news today you are aware that Tonight’s Powerball drawing is up to a monstrous record high of $600 Million Dollars.

The cash option amount would be almost $377 Million dollars.

After taxes of about 45% total winnings would be around $208 Million dollars give or take a few million.

It is kind of sad to think that the $600 million dollar jackpot only turns into $208 million – but honestly that is at least 10x’s enough money to live comfortably on for the rest of your life!

I don’t play the lottery often but when the numbers get this high I absolutely have to throw my hat into the ring. I mean I watch “The Lottery Changed My Life” I know that every day people win this thing.

So if I won tonight what would I do with the money?

  •  I would give my church $2 Million dollars. I would so love to be able to write that check. Imagine the amount of people they could help.
  • Quit my day job and write full time.
  •  Buy some land and build our ultimate dream home.
  •  Adopt a baby. I always wanted a large family and for Baby girl to have a brother or sister but financially it is not something we can afford at this time, but if we won the lottery we could make that happen!
  • Buy new cars – Probably 3 – DH and I are still trying to decide on what kind we would buy it is actually a pretty hard choice when you consider money is no object and you can have whatever you want.
  • College fund for Baby Girl and any siblings we could adopt.
  • Travel the world

And now I still have $204 million dollars to figure out how to spend.

Good luck everyone and it is ok to dream big every now and again.


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  1. With my lottery winnings, I would buy a lick of sense for myself and all the fools in the world who buy lottery tickets. As one of my teachers once said, “The lottery is a tax on people who don’t know how to do math.”

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