I Wrote A Book!


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I wrote a book.

Ok well that is a bit of an exaggeration. What I actually did was finish the first draft of the novel I was writing. It is such a HUGE accomplishment for me. I can’t believe that I actually did it. In 116 days (less than 4 months) I wrote my first draft!

I have a long way to go; it is going to need a big 1st round edit/rewrite. What I found during this process is that my writing tends to be plot building. That is awesome you can’t have a good story without plot but where my problem is on first draft writing is details. I tend to get from point A to point B without ever stopping to smell the roses.

Too much description can be overwhelming but too little never lets your reader really feel like they are involved in the story. I don’t want people to just read my story. I want them to live my story. That is where my rewrite is going to come in.

Plus, I only have a little over 45K words and to be considered by the mainstream publishing community it is going to need to be 60K to 80K words. There is so much room for this to happen. I am looking forward to the next few weeks and getting this rewritten.

For those of you who haven’t finished your first draft and wonder what that feels like. I have an adrenaline rush that is like I just got off a rollercoaster ride! I am excited about the next few weeks of rewrite and scared that it means soon I am going to have to send it off for someone to read and judge.

Putting my heart and blood sweat and tears on the chopping block of agents and editors!

Happy Sunday everyone and I WROTE A BOOK!!!!


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  1. I am so truly jealous! I’ve always dreamt about writing my own book or at least finishing the bloody draft! May I suggest a post where you tell us about how you felt the writing process? It would be just such an epic thing to read.

    I hope you get everything right when editing it!

    Best wishes,

    I turned thirteen in April and have ALWAYS wished to write a book. I have tried many times, though. But, sometimes, I kinda get lazy writing a book. I am trying…..
    And that’s awesome that you have completed the first draft. Do post the URL of your book here after publishing it (Umm, means after converting it into an e-book.)
    Or even better, post the name of the book after it is published, I would LOVE to read it.
    All the best for it! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! It’s such an amazing feeling when you finish that first draft of your first book. In my experience, it gets better every time.

    • I like the sound of that!
      I am ready to get this one edited and complete so I can move on to the next one that is swirling around in my head!

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