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  1. How could YOU be receiving all that money from Nigeria? I thought I was the one who was supposed to get it all!

    Not that it really makes that much difference. I suppose we can both be millionaires.

    But the real reason I was attempting to contact with you has to do with your name. Where exactly does the “Tennyson” come from? Is that from a family surname?

    The reason I ask is that I have some Tennison ancestors who lived in Warrick County Indiana, near where the town of “Tennyson” is now located. The town was originally named after my 3rd Great Grandfather, George W. Tennison, but the spelling was changed from with an “I” in the middle to a “Y”. I heard that the spelling was changed at the behest of a town clerk or something who admired Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The railroad which came though town at about this same time (in the 1880s), it seems had already listed the town on their maps, timetables, etc. with the “Y” spelling. The railroad (a very powerful entity at that time) thereupon convinced many members of the Tennison family to change the spelling of their surname from Tennison to Tennyson. Now most of the descendents of the family now spell their surname with a “Y”.

    However, my 2nd Great Grandmother and her family had moved to Texas in the 1870s to be near her older brother, Daniel J. Tennison (who never changed the spelling of his name) who had moved there soon after the Civil War. So now there are many descendents of the “Tennison” clan of Texas who are related to the “Tennyson” clan of Indiana.

    Now, I’m sure that is much more than you wanted to know about the Tennysons or the Tennisons, but whenever I see the name “Tennyson” (however it’s used) I tend to get curious.

    • I guess we could be family.

      Tennyson is my maiden name, my father’s line of Tennyson’s are from Alabama.
      It has been a few years since I have done any genealogy but I think as far as I could get back on my line was Mathias (Matthew) Tennison.

      My grandfather always told us they changed the spellig to a Y because of the potato famine in Ireland and they didn’t want to be associated with that. But durning my research I could not find anything linking us to Ireland in general. Also, in all the documents my Great Granfather John Presley Tennison still continued the spelling of (i).

      I am not sure where the name change occured for us.

      It was very nice to meet you!

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