15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 8


Continuing with the challenge from Good Books and Good Wine…I give you #8

Quick! Write 15 things that appeal to you on Blogs.

  1. Humor – Life is rough sometimes and finding a good blog that makes me laugh always brightens my day.
  2. Pictures – I like to read but I am visual too. So, I love when bloggers include pictures with their posts. I always try to do that myself but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.
  3. Recipes – I love good recipe blog. Feeding the family is a full-time requirement it is nice to have new ideas.
  4. Humor – umm, I like to laugh!
  5. Quiet – I hate clicking a button on a site and some kind of sound or video starting right away. I like songs and videos in a blog, but let me push the start button. Don’t start it automatically.
  6. Personal stuff – I enjoy finding out about the blogger themselves. How is life for them, the good, bad and ugly. It makes the tips and information they share more real.
  7. Writing Tips – I love to write and I am always looking for ways to improve my skill, be more creative, and get published. So, I love blogs that give me ideas and help here.
  8. Upbeat – Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have bad days and have to vent and write about those. Crap happens and you have to blog about it. I get it. I do it. But there are some blogs out there that are ONLY depressing, woe is me, life sucks blogs. I don’t like those!
  9. Colors – I need a blog that colors are easy to read and pleasing to my eyes. I don’t like going to a blog with bold hard colors that hurt my eyes.
  10. Personality – Much like humor and personal stuff, personality really helps me to understand you as a blogger, writer, reader, mom, whatever you are. Infusing personality is a sure-fire way to keep me as a follower.

Okay well that was much harder than expected so you 10 out 15 – okay I know I said humor twice. Sue me!


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  1. lol speaking of blogs with personalities, bravo! This was charming. I love your list, and I wholly agree. You sound like a lovely person and I enjoyed hearing what makes a blog interesting for you. I would have to say I generally find the same things appealing, and your upbeat presentation made it a pleasure to read. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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