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Celebrate the Small things & Picture a Day #7 – Yummy….


Good Morning Small things celebrators, hope you have all had a great week!

I love this blog group. So often we get tied up in dealing with “life”, putting out fires, and searching for meaning and answers to things that we don’t realize all that we have going for us.

The Celebrate the small things makes us stop and look back on the previous week and realize the things that went well for us, either in our writing or personal lives.


If you want to join us click picture and sign up this way we can hop around and congratulate you on your celebrations!

Okay – to the list….

Personal –

  1. I survived the first week back at work from Vacation! Well almost, I have to finish out today J
  2. I got a massage on Wednesday….So needed after the stress I came back to at work this week.
  3. There is a 3 day weekend coming up..Woot!

Reading –

  1. I finished reading Don’t Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan – It was a very good book and a quick read. I would recommend it if you enjoy James Patterson.
  2. Started Rainwater by Sandra Brown, it is totally out of the norm of what I would usually read but I am trying to mix it up a bit. This is one of the few Sandra Brown books that stray from her thriller type writings, it is an historical fiction romance, as I said, out of my normal realm, but so far pretty good.

Writing –

  1. After a week of being unplugged on vacation and coming back to a super stressful work situation I didn’t think I would get any writing or editing done this week. However, I did. I actually added a new chapter to the beginning of my story. I had many of the readers on the site where I am story boarding it, want to know more about a plant that is in the story. While the plant is important, it isn’t really the vital part of the story. It is more about solving the murder of the botanist who created the plant. So, I changed the way the story started and made it begin with the scene of the murder, hopefully letting the reader know the story is about a crime and solving that crime, first and foremost.

And finally it is PAD – Picture of the Day # 7 – Yummy….

What is more yummy than a chocolate cake bouquet with icing flowers? This was taken on one of our cruises!


And life resumes….. Plus PAD Day #6 Summer


Oh how I wish I were back on that beach with my toes in the sand and book in my hand, when the only care in the world I had, was steak or seafood for dinner.

Flash forward to today only 3 days since we waved goodbye to the ocean and I am a total wreck.

The “real” job is topping my stress level off the charts. On a scale of 1-10 it is a 25….. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that it means job security for me, but I have a handful of “top priority” projects all going at the same time. I feel like I am being pulled apart like a chicken wing at southern fried family reunion.

I haven’t edited a single word on my story since we got back. Partly because I am stressed with work but also because to be honest…..I feel like it may never be truly done. I feel like I will have a revolving door of revisions until I am old and grey. Okay older and grey….  I guess I really shouldn’t complain I have only been at this for 7 ½ months or 216 days… 116 to write it and now I am 100 editing days. I will probably edit twice as long as it took me to write the story. Still, I know some people who take years to complete the first draft. But, I am ready to move on to the next idea and story, I can’t until I have nailed every last detail to the one I am working on.

So stress with work + stress with writing = A girl who is getting ready to crawl up under the covers and finish reading Don’t Blink by James Patterson & Howard Roughan. So far it has been very good and a quick read. I am enjoying it since I am able to escape into his stress filled world and out of mine for a little while. Hmmm.. In hindsight maybe I shouldn’t be reading a book that is stress filled.. Oh well, it is too good to put down.

Thanks for allowing me to VENT today!

So with all that being said I guess it is perfect timing for Picture of the Day #6 – Summer!

The Sunrise in Myrtle Beach Last Week….I wish summer could last forever.


Picture a Day Blog – Day 5 Cars


Picture a Day Blog - Day 5 Cars

Well, I had high hopes of being able to blog everyday and still enjoy my vacation last week.

Instead I unplugged for the week and it felt great.

Back to the PAD challenge and today is Cars – I bring you baby girl enjoying her car ride in Myrtle Beach.

PAD Blog Challenge

Celebrate the Small Things – Aug 16th



I am always looking for something to keep my creative BLOG juices flowing…..That sounded pretty nasty didn’t it…oh well!

I stumbled upon this blog Scribblings of an aspiring author through another blogger and writer I follow Scribbling in the storage room.

I am always looking for new writer friends and bloggers and celebrate the small things is a weekly blog, to remind me especially, what I did accomplish when I begin to feel like I have spun my wheels all week.

So here goes:

Writing –

  • Working my way through a 2nd edit pass of my book
  • Published my 3rd article on Yahoo contributor network about working from home. – Linky here if interested…..
  • Starting the Agent query letter
  • Pondering the “next” story idea

Life –

  • Preparing for vacation – Looking so forward to next week on the beach. I hope the storms and rain stay away!
  • 2nd week of “school” for baby girl. I say that loosely because she is just 3-years-old. We are learing to write our letters and numbers and doing lots of coloring. 🙂
  • Got my hair cut yesterday and I really like it.

Okay I am going to like this. A quick way to shout out to myself and remind me that I am doing something right!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Picture A Day Blog Challenge – Day 3


# 3 is Funny —
Okay I am going to have to go out and start taking new pictures, but for now I am pulling from the archives.
Now if this was funny video blog…. I have a ton… But since this is a PAD challenge I will go with this one…

My daughter being silly with her pants on her head.


Join in the fun!

PAD Blog Challenge

30 day PAD Blog Challenge – Picture A Day – Day 2


It is day 2 of my PAD Blog Challenge… Come on and Join in!

#2 is – your favorite color!

My favorite color is yellow. – So my picture is of me snorkeling in the Caribbean in a yellow life vest!

Snorkeling In the Caribbean

Snorkeling In the Caribbean

PAD Blog Challenge

30 Day PAD Blog Challenge – Picture a Day – Day 1


I have been so busy these days that it has been hard to get over here and write on the blog.
Between a couple writing projects, 2nd draft editing of my book, The real “paying” job, and gearing up for next week’s vacation…..Let’s just say I am a tad busy.

Still, I hate not having the time to post on the blog. So I thought, what about a Picture-A-Day blog challenge. I Googled it and didn’t really find any that I wanted to join – most of them were monthly and I have already missed half of August, so I figured I would start my own.

PAD Blog Challenge

Feel free to join in! Just post your link in the comments section so I can see your pictures as well.

Let’s get started with #1 – Your Commute! – I work from home….So my commute is from bed – to coffee pot – up those stairs to my office!

My Commute!

My Commute!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: The Finale


Okay, well it is August 1st, so I figured I should close out this book blogger challenge that I started with Good Books and Good Wine back on the 10th of July. Apparently, I am not good at daily posts but today will be my catch-up day!

I have day 12 – 13 – 14 – and 15!

Day 12: How do you fight blogger fatigue?

Well, for me it was this challenge. It had been a while since I blogged (I was still writing, mind you – but not blogging). When I saw this challenge, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get me back in the blogging mindset. And, even though I didn’t do this every day it defiantly helped in fighting the fatigue. I didn’t have to think… what will I blog about today?

Day 13: Describe and underappreciated book EVERYONE should read.

I would go with The Bible.

Day 14: Tell us your deal breakers.

Hmm, this is a little vague, what kind of deal breakers?
In a relationship, if you cheat on me it’s a deal breaker. Luckily for me hubby and I have had 21 years of bliss!
As far as books are concerned….I don’t really think there are any deal breakers. Everything is fair game in the realm of fiction and sometimes non-fiction.

Okay — well, bad writing is a deal breaker.

Day 15: Who are your blogging mentors?

I don’t guess I have any of those either. I think I need to get a mentor though! Any suggestions?

I guess that rounds out the 15 day book blogger challenge. Thanks for hanging around for it.

Now I have to start thinking about my own blogging topics again!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of