30 Day PAD Blog Challenge – Picture a Day – Day 1


I have been so busy these days that it has been hard to get over here and write on the blog.
Between a couple writing projects, 2nd draft editing of my book, The real “paying” job, and gearing up for next week’s vacation…..Let’s just say I am a tad busy.

Still, I hate not having the time to post on the blog. So I thought, what about a Picture-A-Day blog challenge. I Googled it and didn’t really find any that I wanted to join – most of them were monthly and I have already missed half of August, so I figured I would start my own.

PAD Blog Challenge

Feel free to join in! Just post your link in the comments section so I can see your pictures as well.

Let’s get started with #1 – Your Commute! – I work from home….So my commute is from bed – to coffee pot – up those stairs to my office!

My Commute!

My Commute!


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  1. I have been blessed for most of my 20 working years to live at least within walking distance of my workplace. I’m now looking at a part-time job 20 miles away and already deducting the cost of gas from my pay to see if it’s worth it. 🙂

    • It would be really hard to go back to a traditional office now. I have been working from home for about 12 years now.

      Is this an editing or writing position? I know that is what you are looking for, so it would be less about the gas money and more about following your dreams!

      • Actually, it is a position within the field of mental health. It would allow me to draw from my experience as a pastor and someone with bipolar, yet leave me ample time to write. It would also provide necessary income and no doubt ample stories!

        Thanks for asking.

      • Well that would be great too and I am sure you would excel in that kind of position. Best of luck to you!

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