Celebrate the Small Things – Aug 16th



I am always looking for something to keep my creative BLOG juices flowing…..That sounded pretty nasty didn’t it…oh well!

I stumbled upon this blog Scribblings of an aspiring author through another blogger and writer I follow Scribbling in the storage room.

I am always looking for new writer friends and bloggers and celebrate the small things is a weekly blog, to remind me especially, what I did accomplish when I begin to feel like I have spun my wheels all week.

So here goes:

Writing –

  • Working my way through a 2nd edit pass of my book
  • Published my 3rd article on Yahoo contributor network about working from home. – Linky here if interested…..
  • Starting the Agent query letter
  • Pondering the “next” story idea

Life –

  • Preparing for vacation – Looking so forward to next week on the beach. I hope the storms and rain stay away!
  • 2nd week of “school” for baby girl. I say that loosely because she is just 3-years-old. We are learing to write our letters and numbers and doing lots of coloring. 🙂
  • Got my hair cut yesterday and I really like it.

Okay I am going to like this. A quick way to shout out to myself and remind me that I am doing something right!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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    • Thank you so much!
      Back from vacation now and back to work….The real paying job…..Oh well at least it pays for the vacations, right!
      There are highs and lows on the rewriting editing process. Sometimes I think I may never escape the cycle of editing……

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