And life resumes….. Plus PAD Day #6 Summer


Oh how I wish I were back on that beach with my toes in the sand and book in my hand, when the only care in the world I had, was steak or seafood for dinner.

Flash forward to today only 3 days since we waved goodbye to the ocean and I am a total wreck.

The “real” job is topping my stress level off the charts. On a scale of 1-10 it is a 25….. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that it means job security for me, but I have a handful of “top priority” projects all going at the same time. I feel like I am being pulled apart like a chicken wing at southern fried family reunion.

I haven’t edited a single word on my story since we got back. Partly because I am stressed with work but also because to be honest…..I feel like it may never be truly done. I feel like I will have a revolving door of revisions until I am old and grey. Okay older and grey….  I guess I really shouldn’t complain I have only been at this for 7 ½ months or 216 days… 116 to write it and now I am 100 editing days. I will probably edit twice as long as it took me to write the story. Still, I know some people who take years to complete the first draft. But, I am ready to move on to the next idea and story, I can’t until I have nailed every last detail to the one I am working on.

So stress with work + stress with writing = A girl who is getting ready to crawl up under the covers and finish reading Don’t Blink by James Patterson & Howard Roughan. So far it has been very good and a quick read. I am enjoying it since I am able to escape into his stress filled world and out of mine for a little while. Hmmm.. In hindsight maybe I shouldn’t be reading a book that is stress filled.. Oh well, it is too good to put down.

Thanks for allowing me to VENT today!

So with all that being said I guess it is perfect timing for Picture of the Day #6 – Summer!

The Sunrise in Myrtle Beach Last Week….I wish summer could last forever.



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