Celebrate the Small things & Picture a Day #7 – Yummy….


Good Morning Small things celebrators, hope you have all had a great week!

I love this blog group. So often we get tied up in dealing with “life”, putting out fires, and searching for meaning and answers to things that we don’t realize all that we have going for us.

The Celebrate the small things makes us stop and look back on the previous week and realize the things that went well for us, either in our writing or personal lives.


If you want to join us click picture and sign up this way we can hop around and congratulate you on your celebrations!

Okay – to the list….

Personal –

  1. I survived the first week back at work from Vacation! Well almost, I have to finish out today J
  2. I got a massage on Wednesday….So needed after the stress I came back to at work this week.
  3. There is a 3 day weekend coming up..Woot!

Reading –

  1. I finished reading Don’t Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan – It was a very good book and a quick read. I would recommend it if you enjoy James Patterson.
  2. Started Rainwater by Sandra Brown, it is totally out of the norm of what I would usually read but I am trying to mix it up a bit. This is one of the few Sandra Brown books that stray from her thriller type writings, it is an historical fiction romance, as I said, out of my normal realm, but so far pretty good.

Writing –

  1. After a week of being unplugged on vacation and coming back to a super stressful work situation I didn’t think I would get any writing or editing done this week. However, I did. I actually added a new chapter to the beginning of my story. I had many of the readers on the site where I am story boarding it, want to know more about a plant that is in the story. While the plant is important, it isn’t really the vital part of the story. It is more about solving the murder of the botanist who created the plant. So, I changed the way the story started and made it begin with the scene of the murder, hopefully letting the reader know the story is about a crime and solving that crime, first and foremost.

And finally it is PAD – Picture of the Day # 7 – Yummy….

What is more yummy than a chocolate cake bouquet with icing flowers? This was taken on one of our cruises!



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