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Celebrate The Small Things – Oct 26th


It is that time again… Except I am a few days late… 🙂

I had this all ready to go on Saturday Morning and forgot to post….So here goes anyways.  


  • ~ Writing –
    I have done a little edititing this week, though not as much as I would like. I need to get back focused.
  • ~ Reading –
    I finished Lisa Gardner’s The Third Victim and started on J.D. Robb’s Creation in Death. I love the “In Death” books!
  • ~ Life –
    Work has been a breeze, it has actually been pretty easy to work for my new boss.
    Getting ready to Head out to the Trick or Treat Village with my sweet baby girl who has decided to be Doc McStuffins this year. ~ Love her!!!


Mom’s Chicken and Dumplings


Chicken and Dumplings are one of those things that my mom was a master at creating.
So much that, I never bothered to find out exactly how she did it. Now, granted, I spent lots of time as a teenager growing up and helping her make them but I never really PAID ATTENTION.
My job…. drop the biscuits into the bowl and watch the dumplings arise….

Fast forward to now, mom is gone to that white kitchen in the sky and I want chicken and dumplings.
Lucky for me, my brother actually did pay a little attention and makes a pretty mean bowl of chicken and dumplings himself.
But, I wanted to do… So I gathered all my ingredients, took notes from my baby brother, and embarked on the task tonight.

It was funny, I could almost feel momma in the room with me as I pulled the chicken off the bone and filled the pot with drops of dumplings.
A few weeks ago, this would have caused a meltdown, but tonight, I just felt her close by and watching out for me.

Chicken and dumplings 1001

But for the big question… how did they turn out? Well, for my first stab at it, I would say pretty good. I have the flavor down. The sauce and chicken tasted delicious. 
One of my problems was the sauce was a bit too runny, maybe next time I will let it cook longer or thicken it up with something, flour? I don’t know, something.
The biggest problem was I could not find butter-me-nots biscuits and as strange as it may seem this is the key ingredient to making this chicken and dumpling pot..OUT OF THIS WORLD.. 
My dumplings were good, but not good enough yet…

I will just have to try again one day soon!

Celebrate the Small Things October 11th Edition.



It is that time again! Time for the weekly Celebrate the Small Things Post! – This is a blog hop (but I don’t know how to add it) but click the link and you can join in.

Writing –

Okay I haven’t done any blogging this week except for the Celebrate post but I have been working on the editing process of my book and it is coming along nicely.

Reading –

I finished reading Tami Hoag Prior Bad Acts.  It was a good book, but it was very disturbing. The beginning scene and crime that was committed and the book was based around, for some reason ate at me and kept me in a state of feeling something awful would happen to my own daughter. So I was glad when it was finished, and think I will take a break from Mrs. Hoag’s writings for a little while.

After that rough book, I decided to read something the polar opposite and chose, Janet Evanovich’s Wife for Hire. Now, this book will not win any Pulitzer prizes, but it was a refreshing departure from the deep emotional drama of the other book, a pallet cleanser I like to call it. Anyways I finished it in 2 days, so moving on.

Just started Lisa Gardner The Third Victim. Literally, Just started and on page 1, so I will let you know my progress next week.

Personal –

I have a job – This is a celebration because 3 people at my job got laid off this week and I was not one of them. I will be transferred to a new boss next week but as far as I know my responsibilities will stay the same. Hopefully, next week I can celebrate that it was a smooth transaction.

Most of all this! How could I not celebrate this small thing! My sweet baby girl and her bestie!

Cayden's Birthday 062

Celebrate the Small Stuff!


It is time to celebrate the small stuff!

Every Friday we celebrate the small things as a reminder that life is not always perfect.
Nevertheless, most of us have “perfect moments” and each week we write down a few things we would like to celebrate that were our celebrating moments.1dfdd-vik-smallthings2

I have actually missed a few weeks so this is a catch-up one for me.


  • Started back over in my re-write and I am going sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph, working to make each one the best it can be. In the process it is helping me to describe things better and in turn add the word count that I had been worried about.
  • I am actually blogging again! It has been a few weeks since I have and it feels nice to be doing it again!


  • Finished reading Lisa Gardner’s The Perfect Husband – It was pretty good, I would recommend it, probably a 4 out of 5 stars for me.
  • Started reading Tami Hoag Prior Bad Acts, The beginning is so brutal and violent and it is a hard picture to shake from your head. I am about ¼ of the way through, but I really think I would have been further along if I hadn’t had to deal with such a vicious start. Still the story is shaping up, but in case you didn’t get it, it was a rough start!


  • I have dealt with the issue of the anniversary of my mother’s passing, and while I still miss her every single day, it doesn’t shoot stabbing pains in my heart. It is simple thoughts of her each day.
  • Took baby girl – Don’t tell her I called her a baby, she will freak out – anyways, took her bowling for the first time last week and she had a blast!
  • I have had quite a few productive weeks at “the paying gig” and it feels good to get things done and marked off the “to-do” list
  • Had a fun day searching for treasures at yard-sales today and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.
  • Called off all connections to Candy Crush…I am 5 days Clean and Candy Crush Sober…That is probably why I am writing again!

All right friends and followers, have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week!

October Insecure Writer’s Support Group


Please excuse me as I am a day late on my post.
The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a group of writer’s who take the opportunity once a month to painlessly blog about their insecurities.
A safe place to be honest with ourselves about our writing. – It is usually the first Wednesday of the month…Again, I am a day late. 🙂


Actually, this past month has been a bit better.
Sure, I struggle with the “Am I good enough?” question but I have just decided that even though I would love to be published, I am writing my story because it lives inside of me. It is interesting and I will do my best to transform the interesting thoughts inside my head to a cohesive engaging story on paper.
Isn’t that all we can ask for?

I still have issue with word count, but that seems to be working itself out as I go through this re-writing process, I think it is 3rd, could be 4th version.
I stopped looking at the WHOLE THING and going; wow, how am I ever going to get this done?  And began to look at each sentence and paragraph by itself. Asking is it the best it can be? What I can I do to write those words better?

It is making this re-write easier and less daunting of a task.

I hope you all are had a great September and I look forward to Fall and October ispiration!