Celebrate the Small Things October 11th Edition.



It is that time again! Time for the weekly Celebrate the Small Things Post! – This is a blog hop (but I don’t know how to add it) but click the link and you can join in.

Writing –

Okay I haven’t done any blogging this week except for the Celebrate post but I have been working on the editing process of my book and it is coming along nicely.

Reading –

I finished reading Tami Hoag Prior Bad Acts.  It was a good book, but it was very disturbing. The beginning scene and crime that was committed and the book was based around, for some reason ate at me and kept me in a state of feeling something awful would happen to my own daughter. So I was glad when it was finished, and think I will take a break from Mrs. Hoag’s writings for a little while.

After that rough book, I decided to read something the polar opposite and chose, Janet Evanovich’s Wife for Hire. Now, this book will not win any Pulitzer prizes, but it was a refreshing departure from the deep emotional drama of the other book, a pallet cleanser I like to call it. Anyways I finished it in 2 days, so moving on.

Just started Lisa Gardner The Third Victim. Literally, Just started and on page 1, so I will let you know my progress next week.

Personal –

I have a job – This is a celebration because 3 people at my job got laid off this week and I was not one of them. I will be transferred to a new boss next week but as far as I know my responsibilities will stay the same. Hopefully, next week I can celebrate that it was a smooth transaction.

Most of all this! How could I not celebrate this small thing! My sweet baby girl and her bestie!

Cayden's Birthday 062


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  1. Awww I am so glad you managed to keep your job, it must have been scary seeing others losing theirs and worrying that yours might go too. Your kids are beautiful, I hope you have a lovely weekend and lots of smiles. 🙂

    • Thanks! I am not one to quit something when I start so I just had to get finished with that darn book. Glad it is done 🙂

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