The End is Near


Yes, the end is near… 2013 is winding down and in just a few short days, we will transition into a new year, 2014.

I remember as a young kid talking about the future and believing that by 2014 there would be flying cars and robots walking around in our every day life.

Not to say we haven’t come a long way, just not quite to the Jetson’s age yet. Now I wonder if we will ever be at that place in life. Flying cars are just as much a myth as pigs flying….

Still the technology changes are outstanding, just to name a few:

  1. I had one of the first Atari systems ever created and now my husband has a PS4.
  2. I was the remote control to the TV as a child.
  3. Our electronic devices were limited to a microwave, TV & Radio. Now it would fill up the whole blog if I named all the electronics we had.
  4. If you wanted to do research there were things called Library’s – now we have the internet.
  5. You talked on the phone in your room, by stretching the kitchen cord around the corner and up the stairs.

Things change… Technology advances us, but is also limits us too.

Looking forward to 2014 and the years to come. I can’t begin to imagine what new technology will be around by the time my daughter is an adult… Heck, maybe their will be flying cars by then… A girl can dream!


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