Monday Morning Musings


I am sure there are many tired folks out there after watching the Super Bowl last night. I though am not one of them. We are not much of football fans around here, well my father-in-law is but luckily my husband did not pick that up from him and I don’t have to suffer through watching the game. Now if there was a video game expo on TV my darling husband would be all over that!

I think I said in one of my Celebrate the small things blog about being sick almost the entire month of December. Well I am happy to report that January was sick free. However, the dizziness I was feeling while I was sick in December was not going away and by mid January, it had sent me into panic attacks thinking I had a brain tumor or something. I am strange, I know, but the constant dizziness was beginning to worry me.


I finally went to the ER mid January. The crazy part of me feared brain tumor, the more logical part of me figured I had an ear infection. I had neither. After CAT scan, EKG, Blood and urine workups, I came back as the picture of health. Well except for the dizziness of course, and they diagnosed me with Vertigo. They sent me home with a medication for the dizziness and a referral to a Neurologist.

I read a lot and found where vertigo could be triggered by an infection. Which let’s face it, I was sick for a month, there was some kind of infection. I decided to wait it out, instead of heading straight into the Neurologist. What I did do however was go to my chiropractor, I had read this could be helpful and since I have a regular one anyways, I figured it couldn’t hurt.

And it helped. The vertigo began to change. Initially when it started I was fine standing up, walking around, outside it was perfect. But when I sat down then I began to feel like I was a balloon floating up and to the left. I would go to the chiropractor and get my adjustments and those feelings were lessening. Then it changed. What had previously been a floating sensation, changed to a kind of G-force, pushing me down into my chair. Still, walking, outside, etc.. and I felt perfectly normal.

Friday I went for another adjustment and initially after he adjusted me I was perfectly clear; clear head, everything for the first time in forever. Then Friday night around 9pm when I stood up to walk to the bathroom, my vertigo had changed yet again. Now I couldn’t walk. I could stand up straight, but the moment I started to move my body would lean left and would stumble unable to walk. I decided to go to sleep and hope I was better in the morning. I wasn’t, Saturday was the same and so I took some of the medicine the hospital has prescribed and it helped I felt much better, but still wobbly. It was the first time with the dizziness that it wasn’t in my head. I could now sit down and feel fine but when I stood up to walk I was off balance. The good news to come out of this is I was able to sit all day and work on editing my story. I got a lot accomplished on the edititng front!

Fast forward to Sunday and I was perfect. It was the first day this year that I did not have any kind of Vertigo problems, no floating, no G’s, no balance walking problems. And it felt nice!! So far this morning I have been good too! I am hoping, and praying, that the last adjustment, even though it knocked my balance off for a bit, was the one that will take away this dizziness for good!
But, I have decided if it does come back then I need to go ahead and make that Neurologist appointment. Even though I feel like I need an ENT more than a Neurologist.

Okay, so now you know all about my dizziness. I was called a dizzy blonde as a kid, but I am pretty sure those two are not related.  😉

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and week, stay dizzy free!


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