The Revisions are Done


Mom pics 002


My mom would be so proud, 358 days after finishing the first draft of my novel “The Oyster King” and I have finally finished the revision process.

The first draft took me only 4 months (116 days) to write. But it was only 45K words and extremely rough around the edges.

Five editing passes, 26K words, and 358 days later and I am done.

Now comes the hard part. Putting it all on the line and searching for an agent. I have spent the last few hours combing through the Writer’s Market Agent lists. Just reading everything is daunting. Over the next few days I will work to write a query letter that will hopefully spark an interest with an agent and put me on my way to publication.

So wish me luck!
And if you have any sage advice for querying a book as an unpublished author please feel free to share. I will take all the help and guidance I can get.


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