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There are More Fish (AKA Agents) in the Sea


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Only a few days ago I finished my final draft of editing and began the daunting progress of reaching out and searching for an agent.

That is what we aspiring writers do.

We read.

We write.

We query.

And apparently, we get rejected.

I know, I know! I am not alone in this land of agent rejection. But it is hard not to take it personal, when you are putting your soul on the line and someone is telling you, you aren’t good enough.

Granted, I am an unpublished writer and I am aiming high right now and reaching for agents that I probably shouldn’t. But dream big, right!

The only downfall to that is the stabbing pain in the back and the sickness in the pit of your stomach when the big “No” comes in.

I have queried 3 agents in the past 3 days and received 2 rejections.

The first one went like this…

“Thanks for thinking of me, Shelly, but I didn’t connect with the characters the way I’d need to in order to consider representation and so, unfortunately, I’ve decided to pass.  I wish you the best of luck elsewhere.”

And the second one this…

“Thank you for considering ***  as a potential agency to represent your work. We have reviewed the material you sent and we regret that we will not be offering to review your work further at this time. Please know that we are very selective with the materials that we request. We encourage you to keep writing and we wish you every success. Please forgive this impersonal note. We receive a tremendous number of queries and are forced to focus our attention on a limited number of projects.”

Am I reaching too high? Trying to land a big dog agent, when I am a little fish?

I can see I am going to have to toughen up my skin and keep on, keeping on.

Reminding myself, that there are plenty of other agents out there and one will,  I mean hopefully will sign me!