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Celebrate the small things! June 27th…


Happy end of June everyone!

It has been a while since I actually celebrated so I figured it was time again.

Celebrate the small stuff is a blog hop. A place to simply celebrate the small things that you have accomplished.

I wrote a few thousand words on my new novel this week.vik - small things 2
I have edited The Oyster King – I am seeking an agent!

Reading James Patterson Jack and Jill
Also, reading stories of some other authors who are work shopping their writing. I love reading these – it helps me become a better writer by reviewing others.

I have finished week 3 of P90X… Wowser!!
Got a ton cleaned and organized around the house this week!

That is all there is to it! Enjoy the weekend friends!

Is there a padded cell in my future?


I was reading a blog of one of the fellow writers I follow, Meghan from A Measure of Strangeness.

In her recent blog, Radio Silence: A Character Dissection, she was discussing really listening to what her characters are telling her and not trying to push her own ideas of how they want to tell their story, but instead heed to them and by obeying their wishes the story told will be richer.

It got me thinking…..

Are we schizophrenic? By we I mean writers. Those of us who feel the strong and uncontrollable urge to write, are we crazy, do we have auditory hallucinations?

What is the line that is drawn between writers, who clearly hear the voice of her characters telling them their story, and those in a padded cell? Maybe it’s the level of madness. Because I think without a “little” crazy, we wouldn’t do what we do. We wouldn’t put our heart and soul on the line, risking rejection and pain, if we weren’t just a little cracked.

I for one hear voices in my head. For as long as I can remember there has been a character or a story always brimming in my mind. My problem right now, is I am hearing competing voices.

One voice is of Rayne Lawson, a spunky detective in a small town who just caught a case of a man with a missing head.

Then there is Kat, she is one of 8 friends attending a reunion at The House on Lake Marion where the last time there one of their own was found dead. Not only is Kat telling me to write her story but so are the other 7 friends.

Finally there is Jayson, from my recently finished novel The Oyster King. He keeps telling me his story isn’t finished.

Who do I listen to? I am patiently waiting to find out which one them yells the loudest. That is the one who will get my attention, whose story I will tell.

But if you are a writer you too can likely hear the voices of your characters almost as clearly as you can hear your own. So does this make us crazy? Is there a padded cell in our future?

I sure hope not, but heck you never know!