IWSG A Time of Support!


It’s the first Wednesday of the month and time again for the IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group) started by the talented Alex Cavanaugh. It is a day in which we writers can share our insecurities as well as reach out and help other writers when we are doing well. InsecureWritersSupportGroup

We all have those low and insecure moments as well as those amazing highs. I think writers in general have to learn how to maintain those bi-polar feelings in order to exist.

As of this moment things are going okay for me. My queries are out in the internet world doing their work and hopefully I will catch a bite this time around. I realized after the first batch of queries (3) and all rejections that I needed to take a look at my first chapter again. This is the chapter that’s going to hook my agent. After picking it up a few weeks after I was done, I realized there was A LOT of improvement to be done. So that is just what I did. I scrapped the first chapter and re-wrote it.

It sounds much better now. My characters voice now screams out of the page instead of finding itself lost in a wordy mess.

I am also work-shopping it again to really finely polish it!

Plus, I have started on a new adventure with an entirely new cast who I am enjoying getting to know.

Mix in, the day job, the pre-schooler, the Ebay business, housework, P90X3, and the husband and I am doing a pretty good job of squeaking every bit of usable time out of each and every day!

Hope my fellow writers out there are on the up-climb as well!



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  1. Wow, life sounds busy for you! It’s always a little discouraging to have to scrap something you’ve worked hard on, but I’ve usually found it to be worth it. Good luck in the query trenches (I’m going to need some of that luck myself in a few months . . .)

    • Thanks Rosalyn,

      Yes… just a little busy, lol!

      It wasn’t a hard as I thought it would be. Maybe since it was only 1 chapter. But I felt so much better after the re-write!

      Sending you tons of luck for your upcoming queries!

  2. Hi, Shelly,

    Sounds like you have a lot going on and it’s good that you manage to make time for all the stuff that needs to be done. Continue to enjoy the journey with your new cast and here’s hoping someone bites when you get going with the next round of querying. Thanks for visiting me!

  3. P90X3? I’m seriously impressed!

    Isn’t it amazing how time away from the manuscript or query highlights weaknesses? I’m amazed by how much I notice after I’ve spent time away. Glad your work is “out there.”

    • Ha! Thank you Julie… I am seriously impressed some days too. It’s kicking my butt, but I’m loving it..

      Thanks a bunch! Have a great day!!

  4. I do P90X3, too. I think I hate that Yoga dude, Ted. Seriously, what human can do the moves he does? But you need to stay physically fit to write! Nice to meet you through IWSG!

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