Roaring Laughter and Quelf….




This weekend we took a game called Quelf over to my cousins house.Quelf2

If you haven’t played this game and you don’t mind making a fool of yourself then by all means you NEED this game!

It was absolutely hilarious. On the first round I picked a card that stated if I needed to say anything longer than a 3 word phrase I would have to ask my foot for permission and then say “permission granted” in a high voice. Needless to say I didn’t talk much. If you know me at all outside of this blog then you can understand how much this really really hurt!!

Try making a paper Boa Constrictor or staring at your hands without laughing for 90 seconds. How about saying abracadabra every time someone draws a card or yelling in Drill Sargent “move it move it” every time someone moved a game piece around the board. Hilarious!

But the thing that had us Roaring with Laughter was when my aunt REALLY thought she could Lick her elbow….. Needless to say we had a great fun evening!

*This post is part of the Daily Post Prompt – “Roaring Laughter”



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