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It is getting to where I can’t even turn on the news or Facebook without seeing some new story about people leaving their animals and CHILDREN in a hot car.

I am in the Atlanta area so the story of Ross Harris, the man who left his baby boy, Cooper in the car while he went to work is by far the most talked about story around here. There is so much speculation as to what happened and if it was an accident or intentional either way it is extremely sad.

If that isn’t bad enough, I just can’t wrap my head around the way the mother is acting in this case. Supposedly when she went to pick up Cooper from daycare and he wasn’t there she told the workers, “Ross must have left him in the car. There is no other explanation.” When she met up with Ross she said something like, “Did you say too much?”

I am just overly heartbroken at the cold and heartless way she is acting.

I love my husband. He is my best and closest friend. BUT, if he left my child in a hot car and she died. I could never look at him again. Not only that, I would be inclined to make him suffer the same horrible death as he put my child through. I just can’t imagine a MOTHER being more concerned with if her husband said too much, rather than wanting to dig his eyeballs out with her bare hands.

I really hope the investigations shifts to her. She is NOT right in my opinion.

The sad thing is this isn’t the only case in the news this week about someone leaving their child in a hot car. Just yesterday a Nassau County, FL mother left one of her 18 month-old twins in the car and went inside her home to sleep. In Ridgefield, CT a 15 month-old died after being left in a hot car. Just a few days ago a couple left their six month-old child in the car while they went shopping in Walmart.

Leaving a child inside a hot car for ANY amount of time is UNACCEPTABLE! Take care of your children, if you can’t then DON’T reproduce!

Just today ABC posted a note from the Associated Press: “Tips for Preventing Child Deaths in Hot Cars” – Read it! Remember it!

I understand that accidents happen and those are sad but that is not what’s driving this post. It is those who do it intentionally. Those who think only a few minutes isn’t going to hurt and then those few minutes turn into an hour and the child is hurting and possibly even dying.


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