20 Things you should know about 4-Year-olds


1. They do NOT have a volume control. They have one setting… LOUD!

0582. You should never leave them alone to wash their hands – unless you are interested in finding your sink and counter covered in water and bubbles because they were “cleaning” them too!

3. All 4-year-old girls are princesses… Know it… Deal with it…

4. All 4-year-old boys are Super Heroes.

5. They are horrible cleaners. Give them a broom and they will spread dust throughout the house. Give them laundry to fold and you will realize you need to rewash that same laundry.

6. You can’t rationalize with a 4-year-old… they are silly little humans.

7. They are giving. My daughter brings me “stuff” wrapped in her blankets all the time. I have been given doll shoes, play food, crumbled paper, dirty socks, and tons of other items from her room.

8. They are brutally honest – Be careful when asking questions such as “Do I look fat?” if you do, your 4-year-old will tell you the truth.

Christmas 2013 0169. They are liars – When asked who wrote on the wall of your bedroom – be prepared for an answer such as “I don’t know.” Or “Mickey Mouse came over and did it.”

10. They are shape shifters. At a moment’s notice they can turn into a Unicorn, Fairy, Cowboy, or Karate fighter.

11. They are curios – the “Why” questions do not end with the toddler years they continue, forever!

12. They are observant. They are paying attention even when you don’t think they are, watching everything you do and learning what is okay, so be very careful!

13. They have great hearing. You can whisper “ice cream” from 4 rooms away and they will come running yelling “ICE CREAM!”

14. They have horrible hearing. For some reason words like “Clean your room” or “Time to go” are impossible for a 4-year-old’s ear to hear and process.

15. At any moment they may break out in song – normally when you are on an important phone call.

16. At any moment they may break out in dance – probably in the grocery store.

stuff 01117. They are fun – Filling up their belly with water or juice and then jumping around to hear it splashing inside of them is normal.

18. They are stubborn little tarts – Truthfully they are just learning and testing their boundaries to become independent little people.

19. They need you to be present. When they make you a bowl of necklace soup you must stop and eat some.

20. Their hugs are the closest thing you will ever get to Heaven.


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  1. Shelly, I just love this! We just had our 3 year old niece here and much of what you wrote applies to her, amazingly. Especially the soap issue – she went through several bars of it, cleaning the sink along with her hands, to admire the “bubbles”. That little girl of yours is a total doll, too. Great blog and post.

  2. I would amend that a great many four year old girls are also super-heroes, and a great number of four year old boys are princesses (unless someone tells them they can’t be).
    I tended to enjoy my work with three-year-olds the most though, as they are just learning all these things.

    • You are true! My daughter has often been a super-hero – a karate fighter – a dog – a frog – you get the picture!!

  3. excellent writing, you made me want to be 4 again. Then I realized we all can have all those same traits if we want them, maybe I’ll be a frog or a superhero today for 10 minutes. thanks!

  4. This post is beautiful, #20 is beautiful and your daughter is beautiful. As a mom of a four-year-old I can totally relate to most of these. Makes me want to do a list type post. Now if I can just come up with a good title. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, thank you, and thank you so very much!
      Isn’t it an awesome age?
      Let me know what you come up with. I am thinking about some other things I list…

  5. I know that there is not a moment you don’t cherish with this beautiful little girl. Shelly she is truly a blessing to all of us…can’t wait to get home so I can come and see you and your wonderful family. Love you so much.

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