Celebrate The Small Things- August 1st…ahhmm 2nd edition


Friday’s are the day to  CELEBRATE all the small things.

This is a blog hop hosted by VikLit. It is a simple reminder that you don’t have to have HUGE things in your life to celebrate you can simply celebrate the small things. Those things are important too!vik - small things 2

However, I keep forgetting to celebrate on Friday so this Saturday morning August 2nd I will celebrate!

This week I celebrate:


  • I am doing much better with keeping up and writing on my blog. I had wanted to post something every day in July. That didn’t work but I did on most days.
  • I am thinking about the synopsis… I am going to get that done this week!


  • I am 2/3 the way through Sinister by Lisa Jackson.


  • I am on week 5 of P90X3 – I did 3 weeks of the first P90X before I started this – So really on week 8 of doing some sort or P90X workouts! I am finally starting to see a change. My clothes are fitting better, I am stronger, I am more flexible!
  • My baby girl starts Pre-K on Monday. I am celebrating but Monday I might be crying!

Okay that is it!
I hope you all have a great weekend and if you want to join the bloghop just sign up on the linky below!

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  1. any day is a great day to appreciate the little things – too true! Sometimes it’s even tinier things that go unnoticed- like the bacteria in my small intestine worked yesterday so I could break down that incredible meal yesterday. Or the bee that kept buzzing around me yesterday did NOT sting me. Stronger and more Flexible? way to go- those sound like massive goals for a lot of people- so kudos for achieving something you focused on, something you wanted!

    • Thanks Mikey! Yes I guess those are pretty big accomplishments. I always love a day when the bee does NOT sting me!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Posting everyday is a challenge. I only do that in April for the A to Z. I must have time to sleep and eat the rest of the year.

    Thank you for stopping in at The Write Game to help me celebrate my small things.

  3. Good luck with your blogging and synopsis! Yay for diet and exercise – that’s progress! Try not to cry when your little ones start school and be happy for the new friends they’ll make and adventures they’ll have. 🙂

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