Unlikely Pairing


Unlikely Pairing

Bacon and chocolate, caramel and cheddar… Is there an unorthodox food pairing you really enjoy? Share with us the weirdest combo you’re willing to admit that you like — and how you discovered it. – This is a WordPress Daily Prompt.

I have a few of these –

Some not so bad, like pouring orange juice on my pancakes. Or dipping potato chips in my ice cream.

Some middle of the road, such as a peanut butter, potato chip, banana and mayo sandwich. – All ingredients go on the sandwich. Mayo and banana on one side of the bread and Peanut butter and potato chips on the other side.

And then some, that at times makes me wonder, like pickled okra and frosted mini wheat’s.

A lot of these came from my mom, I just copied what she did and somehow they stuck around. As for the Pickled Okra and Frosted Mini Wheat’s – I don’t know where that one came from but it is yummy.

The really strange thing is, I didn’t have one silly craving during my entire pregnancy!



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  2. I haven’t been on in a few days, so I missed this prompt. I don’t think I eat much of anything crazy anyhow. However, your mayo, banana, peanut butter and potato chip sandwich has me intrigued. Since I will try anything at least once, I am going to try this. What kind of chips do you recommend?

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