I finished my Synopsis… Happy Dance!!!


For those of you who have been following along, the synopsis of my finished novel The Oyster King has been like a prickly porcupine, poking at me every time I tried to get close!

The thought of summing up a 71,000 word novel into 1 page was a daunting task.

Today, I decided I was going to tackle that job. I took the advice that fellow blogger Dawne Webber gave and checked out Beth Anderson’s Post on Writing the Tight Synopsis. It was enormously helpful and thorough.

I followed her instructions step by step and even though I thought I could never boil the story down to one page, I did. Secondary characters, however, did not get to show up in the 1-page synopsis. In the 3-page synopsis (if I need it) is where I will be able to bring them in, along with the sub-plots.

You can’t even begin to image what an enormous weight has been lifted. Now it is time to dig back into my Writer’s Market and start submitting to agents again.

Just a short post today, but big rewards!

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!



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    • Oh yes, go check it out. It was the most helpful information I have read on writing a synopsis, and I have read A LOT of stuff! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

    • Hello and thanks for following! Don’t worry, for me I just kept writing until it was finished and all the sudden one day I had reached the end. I spent over a year editing it, so I understand about not feeling it is ever done. I still tweak it every now and then! So maybe it isn’t ever done…. Hmm that was supposed to encourage you, but I think I even stressed myself out instead…

      • I had put my writing aside for many years. When my mother died in September of 2012 I realized that if I don’t follow my dreams now I may never have the chance. I had a story brewing in my brain for a LONG time. So it only took me 4 months to write the first draft. BUT it was only 45K words. So the year of editing was really like writing too, because I upped it to 72K words. Basically the first draft was spent getting my plot written and the year of edits was adding details, a few smaller storylines and just fleshing it all out.

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