Matter of Taste… Take that Zombies!



Goodness, I was doing so well, blogging every day and then boom! It seems I have a hard time trying to juggle work, real writing on my WIP and blogging. If I am writing in my WIP good – then my blogging gets pushed to the back burner and vice versa.

However, I thought I would take a break and answer today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt Question.

When was the last time a movie, book, or television show left you cold despite all your friends (and/or all the critics) raving about it? What was it that made you go against the critical consensus?

Okay, so for me, I seem to be one of the very few people I know who can’t stand the T.V. show – The Walking Dead.

My husband loves this show, as do most of my Facebook friends. I attempted to watch the first episode and knew right away that it was not for me. I don’t need to Zombies in my life, I mean if I want to be scared I can just turn on CNN or FoxNews….

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  1. I like the way you expressed it here. I’m the opposite. I avoid CNN and all news like the plague; they frighten me much more than The Walking Dead because they’re real. I can enjoy TWD because it’s made up. It certainly isn’t for the squeamish though and I spend at least part of the time with my hands over my eyes! 😀

  2. love the calvin photo, I agree 100%. people are at some point going to realize that they don’t need to know about every uncomfortable thing that occurs in other people’s lives. switch that focus to the funnies, of which Calvin and mr Hobbes were the best. And you’ve got your own 2 to make you laugh, right!? keep on spreading that sunshine, AS you get the chance!!! thanks

  3. I was super excited when Walking Dead hit Netflix. I couldn’t wait to watch it. But it was pretty disappointing. It was incredibly meh. Like I said on another post about Game of Thrones, I think the herd is wrong on this one.

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