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God Was Going To Drink Her?


Today my brother and ten-year-old nephew were sitting in my living room looking over a photo book I had recently made of our cruise vacation.

As they looked over the pictures, my brother came to this one…


His eyes lit up and his heart warmed. He said to my nephew,“and to think she was made in a cup.”

For those of you who may not know, my husband and I were married 18 years and trying for a baby before we finally sought out the help of fertility specialist. We had In-Vitro 3 times before one finally stuck.

That beautiful little girl who was made in petrie dish is our pride and joy.

My nephew, though he probably knows as we talk about it often, he likely doesn’t realize what In-Vitro actually means. Who knows if he even really knows how a baby is conceived the normal way.

So my brother said, “and to think she was made in a cup.”

And my nephew immediately, and with complete seriousness followed with, “So God was going to drink her?”

Oh, how I love that boy!

Cold Weather, Thanksgiving, & Black Friday!


It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Already I am tired of the cold weather and the germs that it seems to bring along with it. Baby girl had Hand Foot & Mouth, immediately followed by the Flu, which turned into Pneumonia over the weekend. She has had a rough time of it, but finally yesterday was able to return to Germ-K – I mean Pre-K.

Hours after dropping her off at school my ear began to throb in pain. You guessed it, ear infection. So now, 2 out of 3 of us are on antibiotics. We seem like a pitiful bunch, but we are all getting better. Still I could use a little sunshine and saltwater, it always seems to make things better.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

In light of it drawing up so close on Thanksgiving, I have been searching the Black Friday ads. I have a couple things I was really looking for: A great deal on a Fish Tank and wall standing doll house. I didn’t find either of these in any ads so I guess I will just have to search out the best rates.

Do you guys go Black Friday shopping on Thursday now? It seems that the best deals are still around 6pm Thanksgiving night. Sucks really, because our family meal usually starts around 4. The one year I had to leave to get a play kitchen that was a STEAL for baby girl was pretty sad. I ate and ran and didn’t spend any time with my family. I mean I like a deal and all, but I have decided that I won’t do it at the expense of family time again.

I wish Black Friday stuff started at Midnight… Isn’t that the way it used to be?

Okay, that is all the time I have for now as this is part of Ready Set, Go prompt, but I would love to hear your thoughts on Black Friday…

No NanoWriMo for me this year… I get to be Mommy.


I had big plans for the month of November – I was going to write that Middle school age book that has been bumping around in my head and have it finished by the end of November and the end of NaNoWriMo…

That was before my baby girl got sick. Initially, the week after we got back from our AMAZING cruise, she had a fever and sore throat. Took her to the doctor and they said it was something “Viral” 2 days later her hands, feet, face, mouth, bottom all broke out into blistery bumps. If you have kids in the same age range as her (4) then by now you know she had HFD, or Hand Foot Mouth virus.

1939492_10201926715049901_1177275725833590116_o 10347535_10201933540180525_6662765351556862352_n

At this time I was still, working some on NaNo, I would find time when she was resting, not in pain and rubbed down with this great essential Oil called Thieves, and I was doing okay.

Then, it all changed. Monday afternoon when I picked her from school she was running a low grade fever 100.1 and starting to cough and get congested. By that night she had a 102.5 fever and when she woke up the next morning we had a bloody nose.

I called the doctor the next morning and we got right in…. Turns out that on top of HFD, sweet baby girl has the FLU – Type A, confirmed by the nose swab..

I know you are all saying “Why didn’t you get the FLU shot?” Simply because being in her first year of Pre-K, which is at a Day care center. She has had some kind of little cold almost every other week and couldn’t get her shot. – Her pediatrician told me that to expect, her first year, to have something 27 of the 52 weeks of the year at a Day Care center, oh yay.. not!

Luckily we caught it quickly enough so that she could take Tamiflu (Although, she would not consider this lucky, she hates the stuff) and Daddy and I are taking Tamiflu proactively. We get to take a pill, while she has to take an extremely yucky liquid.

Tuesday and Tuesday night was not so bad, her fever hovered around 101 with medicine but she was ok. Wednesday and Wednesday night was another story. From about noon Wednesday until Thursday morning it was everything I could do to keep her temperature below 102. We alternated Tylenol and Motrin, every three hours. She had multiple lukewarm baths. Cool rags on her neck and head, popsicles, you name it we tried it. But all she wanted to do was sleep.

And on top of all that about an hour after she took her medicine she threw up everywhere, all over my bed, pillows, floor, you name it and she probably threw up on it. Around 2am on Thursday morning her temp finally settled into a 100.5 range with medicine.

Then yesterday, Thursday, while I a was able to keep the temp in the 100.5 range, I was not able to get my baby girl to eat anything. So she would throw up her medicine as soon as she took it.

Her belly hurts from coughing so much. But she doesn’t like to take the Mucinex mini-melts to help it.

Her doctor called in some medicine to help her nausea and she did finally eat about 10 mini bow tie pastas last night.

I am hoping and praying that today, we turn a big corner and she starts feeling much better!

At this point I am even thinking about pulling her from the Pre-K and letting her just start Kindergarten next year. But she loves it SO much, I just couldn’t do that to her. And hopefully she is building up an amazing immune system.

So, you can see why NaNo is not going to happen for me this year. But it’s ok. Being a mommy to the most beautiful, bright, loving baby girl is, by far, the most important Job I have ever had.

I can’t wait until my baby feels better.. like she did just a few weeks ago on the boat! — And no, that is not lipstick on her it is just a filter adjustment!


Descent – In The City of Old San Juan


Getting ready to start on NaNo this morning but wanted to post my weekly photo challenge.. This week it is Descent…


The streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico


A descending look on the capitol of San Juan, Puerto Rico, from San Cristobal Fort


A descending look at the streets of San Juan and the El Morro Fort, from San Cristobal Fort

A descending look at the streets of San Juan and the El Morro Fort, from San Cristobal Fort

Fort San Cristobal, San Juan Puerto Rico... Okay I know this we are ascending...but we descended this a bit later, I just didn't snap a shot!

Fort San Cristobal, San Juan Puerto Rico… Okay I know this we are ascending…but we descended this a bit later, I just didn’t snap a shot!