Serenity – I need a little right now


After the past few days, I need a little bit of Serenity. So when the Weekly photo challenge was Serenity I knew I would search for a picture that basically said “Calgon Take Me Away!”.Β  This was taken last October when we visited Grand Turk on our Cruise. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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  1. I am picturing me in that picture and then I notice I have painted toes and I wonder what other fun things am I doing on this vacation?

    On a more important note, since I am a newbie, how did you hear about the photo challenge?

  2. This is a beautiful pic!! Its cold outside right now, so I am going to pretend that the woman with the designer bathing suite, over sized sun hat and sun glasses sipping on a frozen alcoholic beverage close by is me, Ok? I mean, if I’m pretending might as well.
    Love this enough to get lost inside it!! Great Photo!!!

    • Haha! Go right ahead. I would love the company πŸ™‚ Thank you very much. I sure wish I was back in Grand Turk right now….

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