Mind Mapping 101a


Great post by Author Bryan Powell.

I just did the mind map on my story that is finished. What I found was most of my mapping seemed to revolve around my secondary character. I have had some people point out that they really felt this character stronger than my main character. It was interesting to realize, that apparently I do to. Likely explains why they did. I may have to revisit and see if I can dig as deep into my main character. Or maybe change the focus and bring my secondary character to the front.

Author Bryan M. Powell

A Mind Mapping ChartMind Mapping 101a

We all know of the two primary methods of writing: Plotting and Pantsing. In Plotting, you methodically plan your story and then build around it. In Pantsing, you write your ideas as they come to you and let the story develop as you go along. However, there is a third way which I discovered only after I’d done it. It’s called Mind-Mapping.

Mind Mapping defined – It’s a visual representation of ideas and words arranged around a central concept. It is a step beyond Plotting. It can be used in planning your day, your week, or your next novel. You can use this system for building your character’s backstory or your plot. It can be used in poetry and even lyric writing.

So let’s get started.

How it works – The process of mind mapping is pretty simple: you let your mind come up with new words…

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