It’s been one of those days…


April and John are going through a seriously rough time. I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling right now. Please say a little or BIG prayer for them if you are inclined. As I told her earlier today I heard a little voice in my head that said “A purpose for Oliver” I know it is impossible for April and John to even begin to understand why this is happening to them and what the purpose is. But I know God will not give them more than they can endure. So in this terrible time, they struggle to understand. But God has his hands around them and waits for Oliver to return to him. But I do believe in all my heart he has a purpose. If only for a moment on this earth. And one day, when the pain has healed a little and they can begin to breath again, I pray they will understand and know little Oliver’s purpose. Please Pray for Healing!

Oliver's Journey

My maternal fetal doctor called today and told us that results from the second amniocentesis confirm that Oliver has Triploidy. With Triploidy, there is no chance for survival, and Oliver will die either within the womb, or shortly after birth. However, my doctor is concerned because I am developing preeclampsia. At times it is difficult for me to breathe because my pulse and blood pressure are high. I typically have LOW blood pressure – it was at or below 90/50 earlier in my pregnancy. I’ve also started getting pains in my left kidney – which can be another indicator of preeclampsia. Therefore, my doctor is scheduling me for an early induction later this week. That day will probably be one of the most difficult days or our lives, but we will get to see our sweet baby boy, and will cherish the short time we will get with him.


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