Shouting Match with the Devil




I had a shouting match in the car this morning when I took my daughter to school. Well it wasn’t so much as a match as it was a one-sided yelling battle.

No… It wasn’t with her.

It was with the devil after I dropped her off at school.

As if the Valentine’s day shooting in South Florida wasn’t enough, a handful of kids in our school district, and likely school districts around the world, for some unknown reason think it is okay to write threats, now.

They are writing threats on the bathroom walls, telling other friends they are brining a gun to school, calling in fake intruder calls. Yes, this happened last week, that student was arrested and still the threats are happening.

WHY? Because they don’t want to go to school on a Friday? (This is when most of these fake threats happen)

The sad part is, if there was a real threat mixed in with all these cry-wolf threats, we might never see it. The kids are muddying the waters.

I know the police department and school systems here are working overtime to make sure these threats are fake. But, It is taking resources and time that should be used elsewhere!

AND….. I had to have a conversation with my 2nd grader last night!


Yes, they have drills for intruders. She understands that an intruder is someone not invited or allowed on school property and came to possibly do harm. But I had to have a talk with her about her friends and classmates. I had to make sure she knew if she saw a gun or heard something like that from a classmate she needed to tell her teacher, right away!

I shouldn’t have to do that!

I should be able to send her to school and know that she is safe and protected. I should be confident that she is just learning and getting a good education. But it’s not that simple anymore.

There are so many issues that under debate here now: (Please keep in mind that the responses to these are my opinions – we are all entitled to them!)

1. Gun control or new laws surrounding them – Don’t take away my right to bear arms. HOWEVER, personally I see no reason why a civilian should have an Assault Rifle.

2. Arming teachers – Do not force this upon our teachers. They already have enough responsibility taking care of our children. This needs to be a teacher by teacher decision if it ever gets to that! I would rather have an unarmed teacher than have a teacher that was uncomfortable with a gun forced to carry one.

3. Putting God back in schools – Okay yes, I get this one. But let me share a little secret with you. My child takes God to school with her EVERY SINGLE DAY! If God is in your home and your family, when your kid goes to school…. God is with them in school!

So yes, this morning I had a shouting match with the devil. I banned him from my daughter’s school!

As parents it is our job to raise up good kids.

To teach them right and wrong. Share our beliefs and values with them to make them responsible adults. We are growing up our future. We need to make sure we put the time in and not just shove them off to the side with a tablet or phone, spend time together, talk about the issues at school and how they are feeling, really know and understand your kid.

Debating an issue isn’t going to solve a problem. Knowing your kid, I mean really knowing them. That is the key!


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