I am a 40ish mom to an amazingly smart toddler who thinks I am 33. I won’t tell her any different. 🙂

I have loved to read and write ever since I could put pen to paper. Life hit hard for quite a few years (almost 2 decades) and writing was more like a treat I was able to have every year or so. When both of my parents died within 3 years of each other (Oct 2009 & Sept 2012) I realized that life really is short and if you want to do something, there is no time like the present. (Sorry for all the clichés in that sentence, but they are so true)

In my spare time, I wrote and finished my first book a year after my mother died. It took me another year to scrub and edit but it is finally out in the world searching for an agent, while I am typing away on the 2nd one.

I work for “the man” but he pays me well to work from home so I can’t really complain and instead of commuting back and forth to work I am able to use that time to work on my writing.

My blog is about my life. I may blog about my daughter, my husband, my writing, life in general or anything that catches my attention that day.

I hope you will join me on this journey!



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  1. Hey Shelly…

    I’ve been thinking about creating a blog, and when I saw yours on the TNBW profile, I decided to check it out and get it done…!! Haven’t a clue what I’m doing, but thx for getting me interested..!

    Your daughter is beautiful..! (‘-‘)

    Keep Smilin’…. Jax

    • Awe thanks Jax! I enjoy blogging, even though I don’t get to do it as much as I would like. As you can tell by reading mine it is about anything and everything! – Let me know when you start yours, I would love to read and follow it!

  2. Hey Shelly…

    I’m a work in progress with this blogging thing, but am reading up on it, so as soon as I get some ‘stuff’ going, I’ll let you know… I love to gab, so I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough… Right now, I’m just using the free/generic version, so if you have any ideas, advice, would love to hear from you… Have a great day………Keep Smilin’…Jax

  3. Hey Shelly….

    Happy New Year….!

    I canceled my blog for wordpress because they wanted to charge me for all the customizing I wanted to do… I found out I could go through Google and my gmail account and build one for FREE…!! I like that price…! Here is the address in case I screwed up below…. I got it up and going, but I still need to add more gadgets, and more content, but at least I’ve got it up and running…! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… I’ve done some research, but firsthand help is wonderful – would really appreciate it….


    Also, after I read your short story and learned about your mother, I went through my poems… I wrote this one when Allen got married in 2009…. We set up a Memorial Table with a candle and the framed poem… He was so close to my mom – she called him her ‘little darlin’…! Dad left us in 1998 after 20 year battle with prinzmetal heart disease…. Mom left us in 2007 quite suddenly AFTER beating cancer…!

    I still miss them terribly, but time does give perspective….

    I hope this comforts you…

    “IF ONLY”

    Those we love, but all too soon depart from this life are all around us, though
    we cannot see them, touch them, yet, if only our prayer could for just a
    moment in time bid us once more to hold them closely, savor their
    loving essence, perhaps chat about bygone days,
    how truly blessed we would be,
    down to our very soul,
    if only…

    But, it is not to be…

    We must, instead accept what is, glorify in unexplained tingles that without warning,
    caress our mortality while nostalgic memories flood our thoughts, and
    sudden tears fall freely down our cheeks from a force more
    powerful than we are, reminding us that our loved
    ones are but a whisper away in our thoughts,
    our dreams, because they are truly
    within us, down to our
    very soul…

    If only, we believe…

    May you and yours have a blessed 2014, Shelly….

    Your TNBW friend… Keep Smilin’… Jax

  4. Okay, Shelly. I have been looking at your blog daily anyhow. I think we have similar blogs anyhow, so I figure I may as well follow your blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. Hello Shelly. I’ve been meaning to drop in and say hi and thank you for your recent visit on my blog.
    I’m glad I did because you have some great posts and pics. I’ll be back for more – you have a new follower 🙂

  6. Such A fabulous blog !
    I just loved reading it !! I have to say that it’s inspiring me in many aspects, I have to admit that I love the way you see the stuffs in a different way from the others 🙂 please continue!!
    I love all of your pictures!!

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