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Celebrate the Small Things October 11th Edition.



It is that time again! Time for the weekly Celebrate the Small Things Post! – This is a blog hop (but I don’t know how to add it) but click the link and you can join in.

Writing –

Okay I haven’t done any blogging this week except for the Celebrate post but I have been working on the editing process of my book and it is coming along nicely.

Reading –

I finished reading Tami Hoag Prior Bad Acts.  It was a good book, but it was very disturbing. The beginning scene and crime that was committed and the book was based around, for some reason ate at me and kept me in a state of feeling something awful would happen to my own daughter. So I was glad when it was finished, and think I will take a break from Mrs. Hoag’s writings for a little while.

After that rough book, I decided to read something the polar opposite and chose, Janet Evanovich’s Wife for Hire. Now, this book will not win any Pulitzer prizes, but it was a refreshing departure from the deep emotional drama of the other book, a pallet cleanser I like to call it. Anyways I finished it in 2 days, so moving on.

Just started Lisa Gardner The Third Victim. Literally, Just started and on page 1, so I will let you know my progress next week.

Personal –

I have a job – This is a celebration because 3 people at my job got laid off this week and I was not one of them. I will be transferred to a new boss next week but as far as I know my responsibilities will stay the same. Hopefully, next week I can celebrate that it was a smooth transaction.

Most of all this! How could I not celebrate this small thing! My sweet baby girl and her bestie!

Cayden's Birthday 062

And life resumes….. Plus PAD Day #6 Summer


Oh how I wish I were back on that beach with my toes in the sand and book in my hand, when the only care in the world I had, was steak or seafood for dinner.

Flash forward to today only 3 days since we waved goodbye to the ocean and I am a total wreck.

The “real” job is topping my stress level off the charts. On a scale of 1-10 it is a 25….. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that it means job security for me, but I have a handful of “top priority” projects all going at the same time. I feel like I am being pulled apart like a chicken wing at southern fried family reunion.

I haven’t edited a single word on my story since we got back. Partly because I am stressed with work but also because to be honest…..I feel like it may never be truly done. I feel like I will have a revolving door of revisions until I am old and grey. Okay older and grey….  I guess I really shouldn’t complain I have only been at this for 7 ½ months or 216 days… 116 to write it and now I am 100 editing days. I will probably edit twice as long as it took me to write the story. Still, I know some people who take years to complete the first draft. But, I am ready to move on to the next idea and story, I can’t until I have nailed every last detail to the one I am working on.

So stress with work + stress with writing = A girl who is getting ready to crawl up under the covers and finish reading Don’t Blink by James Patterson & Howard Roughan. So far it has been very good and a quick read. I am enjoying it since I am able to escape into his stress filled world and out of mine for a little while. Hmmm.. In hindsight maybe I shouldn’t be reading a book that is stress filled.. Oh well, it is too good to put down.

Thanks for allowing me to VENT today!

So with all that being said I guess it is perfect timing for Picture of the Day #6 – Summer!

The Sunrise in Myrtle Beach Last Week….I wish summer could last forever.


15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: The Finale


Okay, well it is August 1st, so I figured I should close out this book blogger challenge that I started with Good Books and Good Wine back on the 10th of July. Apparently, I am not good at daily posts but today will be my catch-up day!

I have day 12 – 13 – 14 – and 15!

Day 12: How do you fight blogger fatigue?

Well, for me it was this challenge. It had been a while since I blogged (I was still writing, mind you – but not blogging). When I saw this challenge, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get me back in the blogging mindset. And, even though I didn’t do this every day it defiantly helped in fighting the fatigue. I didn’t have to think… what will I blog about today?

Day 13: Describe and underappreciated book EVERYONE should read.

I would go with The Bible.

Day 14: Tell us your deal breakers.

Hmm, this is a little vague, what kind of deal breakers?
In a relationship, if you cheat on me it’s a deal breaker. Luckily for me hubby and I have had 21 years of bliss!
As far as books are concerned….I don’t really think there are any deal breakers. Everything is fair game in the realm of fiction and sometimes non-fiction.

Okay — well, bad writing is a deal breaker.

Day 15: Who are your blogging mentors?

I don’t guess I have any of those either. I think I need to get a mentor though! Any suggestions?

I guess that rounds out the 15 day book blogger challenge. Thanks for hanging around for it.

Now I have to start thinking about my own blogging topics again!

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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 11


For most contributors to this challenge initiated by have completed all 15 days, I am still chugging forward!
As you can see I am not great at posting every single day on this challenge but we are winding down and todays challenge is to show off 5 of my best blog posts!

1st up would be: February 12th, 2013 – The Opposite of a Bucket list. 

– When a Facebook friend commented about something she or her husband would “never” do, it got me thinking. What are somethings I would never want to do? This is how this post came about.

2nd would have to be: August 6th 2012 – The Ghost of the Woman She Was.

– I wrote this just a little over a month before my mother passed away from cancer. I had been her caretaker and I could see the cancer progressing and getting worse. I knew she wouldn’t be here much longer and I wrote this to try to release some of the pain I felt.

3rd would be my only recipe so far and by far the yummiest (I know that is not a real word): November 6th 2012 – It’s Soup Time

– My yummy chicken soup. Pretty self explanatory!

4th I would pick: June 10th 2013 – A Photo Journey of the Sleeping Child

 – Simply because it is a bunch of pictures of my sweet adorable angel sleeping! I mean come on, what is cuter than that?

5th and finally: July 1st 2013 – They are Watching Me

– This is one of the pieces of flash fiction I have on the blog. It was fun to write and might just find its way to the opening of a future book.

There you have it, some of my favorite blog posts.
Just a few more days with the challenge as we wind down!

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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 9 & 10


Continuing on the Book Blogger Challenge from Good Books and Good Wine I give you:

Day 9: Why do you blog about books?

Actually I don’t, at least not yet. I blog about writing and life in general but I haven’t blogged about books yet. – With the exception of this challenge of course!

Day 10: How do you choose what books to read?

This is a science in randomness. If I am reading a series I will likely try to find the next one in the series. With the exception of very long ones like J.D. Robb “Born In” books where I will have to break up the writing with something new.

Otherwise I go to the shelf and look at the hundreds of books I have and decide if I want to laugh, solve a mystery, read paranormal, or be thrown into the thriller. However I feel at that moment will determine what I pick to read from the shelf.

Only five more days left in this challenge. It has been fun and opened my eyes to a lot of new people and ideas!

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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 8


Continuing with the challenge from Good Books and Good Wine…I give you #8

Quick! Write 15 things that appeal to you on Blogs.

  1. Humor – Life is rough sometimes and finding a good blog that makes me laugh always brightens my day.
  2. Pictures – I like to read but I am visual too. So, I love when bloggers include pictures with their posts. I always try to do that myself but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.
  3. Recipes – I love good recipe blog. Feeding the family is a full-time requirement it is nice to have new ideas.
  4. Humor – umm, I like to laugh!
  5. Quiet – I hate clicking a button on a site and some kind of sound or video starting right away. I like songs and videos in a blog, but let me push the start button. Don’t start it automatically.
  6. Personal stuff – I enjoy finding out about the blogger themselves. How is life for them, the good, bad and ugly. It makes the tips and information they share more real.
  7. Writing Tips – I love to write and I am always looking for ways to improve my skill, be more creative, and get published. So, I love blogs that give me ideas and help here.
  8. Upbeat – Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have bad days and have to vent and write about those. Crap happens and you have to blog about it. I get it. I do it. But there are some blogs out there that are ONLY depressing, woe is me, life sucks blogs. I don’t like those!
  9. Colors – I need a blog that colors are easy to read and pleasing to my eyes. I don’t like going to a blog with bold hard colors that hurt my eyes.
  10. Personality – Much like humor and personal stuff, personality really helps me to understand you as a blogger, writer, reader, mom, whatever you are. Infusing personality is a sure-fire way to keep me as a follower.

Okay well that was much harder than expected so you 10 out 15 – okay I know I said humor twice. Sue me!


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Catchup Day 5-6-7

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Catch up


Well, I have slacked off a bit! Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes…..

So, I decided to do a bit of a catch up. Day 5, 6 & 7 all together in one post. Aren’t you happy?

Day 5: Recommend a tear jerker.

I can’t. I don’t recommend tear jerkers at all. I avoid them at all costs. I used to read Danielle Steel but there was too much crying involved. The last book I read that made me cry was probably ten years ago. I am not sure if it was a Mitch Album or a Nicolas Sparks book, but what I do now is that I was sobbing like a baby and at that moment decided absolutely, without a doubt, not another tear jerker for me ever!

Day 6: Describe how you shop for books.

If I am reading a series, I shop for books by getting the next one in the series. But usually I just load up on books at yard-sales. I also will wade through pages on my Kindle to find books as well. As I have said earlier in the challenge I am a bit of a book hoarder and have tons and tons, I mean literally tons of books.

A small sample of my collection

A small sample of my collection

Day 7: Talk about your blogging quirks.

I don’t know that I have any quirks, except for maybe not blogging enough. Sometimes I can get my blog on every day and other times it will be a week or two between blogs. So yeah, I guess my biggest quirk is inconsistency.

Okay all caught up! Have a great rest of the weekend guys!


15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4


Day 4: What was the last book you flung across the room.

I didn’t actually fling it across the room, it was much worse than that.

I almost hate to write this because this author has so many books and so many followers. But the worst book I ever read was in 2004. I sat outside the hospital as my nephew was being born and continued to read this story. I was so mad at the writing and the bad story-line that I was tempted to not finish. But I am not that kind of reader. If I start something and make it past page 20, I am going to finish it.

I finished this book and when I was done I literally took the book and ripped the pages apart.

Thinking back some of the aggression might have been because my baby brother was about to have his 4th child and Tony and I, no matter how hard we tried, had none.

Nonetheless, this book got on my nerves so badly that it was ripped into shreds so that no one else would have to suffer through reading that copy at least.

Okay, I guess I must tell you the name of the book and author. It was The Cove by Catherine Coulter and I have never read another one of her books.

You can join in the fun at

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Book Blogger Challenge: Day 3


To continue on with the Book Blogger Challenge: Day 3

 Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFS?

I guess I don’t really have any. I am pretty new to the whole blogging scene myself so I don’t have any real blogging BFF’s.

Also, I don’t believe ANY of my RLF (Real Life Friends) blog.
There are so many people I know that have a lot to say but they seem to only do so with Facebook comments and posts.

I apparently need to make a better effort to find some blogging BFF’S. Maybe I am being anti-social? Hmmm, something to consider.

Also, to clarify, I found this challenge through Glitter and Kerosene, however the original challenge started with

Thanks to Glitter and Kerosene and

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 2


Here we go with Day two of the challenge. The Question for today is:
What’s your Bedtime Reading Ritual?

Reading for me at night always begins around 9:15 with something such as: Green Eggs and Ham, I Love You Stinky Face, or Winnie the Pooh’s Adventures. Yes, you guessed it, the first thing I read each night is a story to my daughter. She is three and can almost recite word for word a few of her books. I love that she likes me to read to her. I am trying to build in her a desire for words much like I have.

After she is tucked away, the next bit of reading I do usually is on blogs or a writer’s site that I belong to. When I am done with computer time I normally take my Kindle or whatever paperback book I am currently reading and snuggle up in the bed and read until I can’t hold my eyes open for one more second.

So that is my bedtime ritual, what is yours?