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Celebrate The Small Things- August 1st…ahhmm 2nd edition


Friday’s are the day to  CELEBRATE all the small things.

This is a blog hop hosted by VikLit. It is a simple reminder that you don’t have to have HUGE things in your life to celebrate you can simply celebrate the small things. Those things are important too!vik - small things 2

However, I keep forgetting to celebrate on Friday so this Saturday morning August 2nd I will celebrate!

This week I celebrate:


  • I am doing much better with keeping up and writing on my blog. I had wanted to post something every day in July. That didn’t work but I did on most days.
  • I am thinking about the synopsis… I am going to get that done this week!


  • I am 2/3 the way through Sinister by Lisa Jackson.


  • I am on week 5 of P90X3 – I did 3 weeks of the first P90X before I started this – So really on week 8 of doing some sort or P90X workouts! I am finally starting to see a change. My clothes are fitting better, I am stronger, I am more flexible!
  • My baby girl starts Pre-K on Monday. I am celebrating but Monday I might be crying!

Okay that is it!
I hope you all have a great weekend and if you want to join the bloghop just sign up on the linky below!

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Happy 4th of July — Celebrate the Small Things


It is Friday again and time to Celebrate the Small Things, a weekly blog hop where you are simply celebrating the little (or big if you want) things.

vik - small things 2

First of all HAPPY 4th of July – Today is our American Independence day. In 1776 we declared our independence from the British. They had the huge sacrifice to pay for our freedom and we now celebrate with hamburgers, hotdogs, & fireworks! Doesn’t quite seem fair but I am thankful for the price they, and all military personal since, has paid so that we can celebrate our freedom.

So today my celebrations are simple.
I celebrate:


Family & Friends

& Our Military
Now I am off to get ready and go out and have some of those hamburgers and hotdogs with my family!

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th!






Celebrate the small things! June 27th…


Happy end of June everyone!

It has been a while since I actually celebrated so I figured it was time again.

Celebrate the small stuff is a blog hop. A place to simply celebrate the small things that you have accomplished.

I wrote a few thousand words on my new novel this week.vik - small things 2
I have edited The Oyster King – I am seeking an agent!

Reading James Patterson Jack and Jill
Also, reading stories of some other authors who are work shopping their writing. I love reading these – it helps me become a better writer by reviewing others.

I have finished week 3 of P90X… Wowser!!
Got a ton cleaned and organized around the house this week!

That is all there is to it! Enjoy the weekend friends!

Celebrate the Small Things Valentines Day Edition


Once Again it is Friday and time for a new edition of Celebrate the Small Things.

vik - small things 2It is also Valentines Day here in the US of A and while I am not a fan of the holiday that is created by retailers to drum up extra cash, it is a time to tell those you love that you love them. But quite honestly you need to do that each and every day, not just on Valentines Day.

This week I am Celebrating…

* The love of my life and husband who is my soul mate
* My beautiful daughter that makes my life complete
* I am on day 2 of no dizziness – this is huge since I was dizzy almost all of January
* I am moving forward on revising my story

Have a great week everyone!

Celebrate the small things Jan 31st


I know I am a day early, but since I get so busy on Friday’s and forget I figured I would get it out here a day early!

It is that time again, time to celebrate the small things in life even if the world feels like it is crumbling down on you.vik - small things 2

Luckily, at this moment, I don’t feel like the world is crashing, but still will celebrate some things.

1st  – I will celebrate that I survived the snow disaster we had here in Atlanta this week. If you have been near a television you are aware of the colossal disaster the city of Atlanta and it’s surround counties caused this week by not closing schools earlier, and letting all government and private companies leave work at the exact same time. Causing and icy gridlock that had many people in the car for 12-13 hours taking a trip that would normally only take 30 minutes to an hour. I am blessed that I work from home and my daughter has not yet started school so I was not stuck in the mess.

2nd – Even though I H.A.T.E the cold, I was a trooper and went out and played in the snow with my daughter. She loved it and that is all that matters. So I will celebrate she got her snow!

3rd – I am celebrating that I know I will eventually finish this final draft of my novel and have it ready for publication. I am about 1/4th of the way through it, but it will happen and I am celebrating that every time I type a word or fix a nit, I am doing something that is moving me forward.

Well, that is about all for me this week. I am sure there are more things to celebrate but I will save them for next time.
What are you celebrating?

Dec 6th….Celebrate!


1dfdd-vik-smallthings2Wow! Did a full month really just pass me by?

Well I spent A LOT of time on NaNo. Did I finish my story? No! But I did get a good solid start and I am excited about really bringing it to life in 2014

So now it is time to Celebrate!

  • NaNo is over… and I can get back to normal life
  • I survived Thanksgiving – Made a delicious turkey, dressing & gravy
  • I have ALL my christmas shopping done
  • Taking a writing break for the end of the year and will get back full steam after Christmas when I have my new laptop!
  • Got a small bonus at work, but hey it was something

Celebrate the Small things Nov 8th Edition


It that time again, time to push away all the big worries and just be thankful for the small things.


My celebrations are:

  • Writing:
    I have decided to join the thousands of other writers out there who are doing Nano this year and so far I am keeping up with my goal – As of last night I was at 12,537 words!
  • Reading:
    I finished J.D. Robb Creation in Death – but with so much of my time involved in Nano, I don’t think I will be able to pick up another book until the end of November. We will see…For me that may just be too hard to pull off!
  • Life:
    I started back on my exercise program yesterday doing Leslie Sansone, 2-mile Walk Away the Pounds. (I know what a month to return – but I figured it might not only help me lose weight, but also clear my mind for my Nano story.)

Okay my fellow writers, bloggers and friends – It is almost the weekend, so if you are doing Nano gear up for power writing this weekend and if your not, well enjoy the heck out of yourself! 😉

Celebrate the Small Things October 11th Edition.



It is that time again! Time for the weekly Celebrate the Small Things Post! – This is a blog hop (but I don’t know how to add it) but click the link and you can join in.

Writing –

Okay I haven’t done any blogging this week except for the Celebrate post but I have been working on the editing process of my book and it is coming along nicely.

Reading –

I finished reading Tami Hoag Prior Bad Acts.  It was a good book, but it was very disturbing. The beginning scene and crime that was committed and the book was based around, for some reason ate at me and kept me in a state of feeling something awful would happen to my own daughter. So I was glad when it was finished, and think I will take a break from Mrs. Hoag’s writings for a little while.

After that rough book, I decided to read something the polar opposite and chose, Janet Evanovich’s Wife for Hire. Now, this book will not win any Pulitzer prizes, but it was a refreshing departure from the deep emotional drama of the other book, a pallet cleanser I like to call it. Anyways I finished it in 2 days, so moving on.

Just started Lisa Gardner The Third Victim. Literally, Just started and on page 1, so I will let you know my progress next week.

Personal –

I have a job – This is a celebration because 3 people at my job got laid off this week and I was not one of them. I will be transferred to a new boss next week but as far as I know my responsibilities will stay the same. Hopefully, next week I can celebrate that it was a smooth transaction.

Most of all this! How could I not celebrate this small thing! My sweet baby girl and her bestie!

Cayden's Birthday 062

Celebrate the Small Stuff!


It is time to celebrate the small stuff!

Every Friday we celebrate the small things as a reminder that life is not always perfect.
Nevertheless, most of us have “perfect moments” and each week we write down a few things we would like to celebrate that were our celebrating moments.1dfdd-vik-smallthings2

I have actually missed a few weeks so this is a catch-up one for me.


  • Started back over in my re-write and I am going sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph, working to make each one the best it can be. In the process it is helping me to describe things better and in turn add the word count that I had been worried about.
  • I am actually blogging again! It has been a few weeks since I have and it feels nice to be doing it again!


  • Finished reading Lisa Gardner’s The Perfect Husband – It was pretty good, I would recommend it, probably a 4 out of 5 stars for me.
  • Started reading Tami Hoag Prior Bad Acts, The beginning is so brutal and violent and it is a hard picture to shake from your head. I am about ¼ of the way through, but I really think I would have been further along if I hadn’t had to deal with such a vicious start. Still the story is shaping up, but in case you didn’t get it, it was a rough start!


  • I have dealt with the issue of the anniversary of my mother’s passing, and while I still miss her every single day, it doesn’t shoot stabbing pains in my heart. It is simple thoughts of her each day.
  • Took baby girl – Don’t tell her I called her a baby, she will freak out – anyways, took her bowling for the first time last week and she had a blast!
  • I have had quite a few productive weeks at “the paying gig” and it feels good to get things done and marked off the “to-do” list
  • Had a fun day searching for treasures at yard-sales today and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.
  • Called off all connections to Candy Crush…I am 5 days Clean and Candy Crush Sober…That is probably why I am writing again!

All right friends and followers, have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week!

Celebrate the Small Things and Photo of the day #9


It is Friday again and time to Celebrate the Small Things!

It has been a rough week for me since it was the 1 year anniversary of my mothers passing.
So I really NEED to celebrate the small things this week.


Personal –

I survived the week.
I started back on my WW diet to lose the 8lbs I gained last week by eating everything in sight.
I organized all my books on the shelf and now know exactly what I have and need!

Reading –

I finished Rainwater in about 8 days – that is fast for me since the toddler child is running around crazy all the time! It was a great book and I would highly recommend it.
I started Lisa Gardner “The Perfect Husband” – I am having a hard time getting into it, but I think it is because I know it one my mom read and that is trigger something. But I am going to read it. 🙂

Writing –

This is the area that has fallen to the wayside this week. But I would still like to celebrate that I am ABOUT to get busy writing and editing again this coming week!

Also PAD #9 -Yes I know I am not doing a Picture a Day – More like a Picture a week…. However #9 is Restaurant, So I will show you a picture of my most favorite Restaurant!  – — Okay I cheated a little…. It is taken INSIDE One of my most favorite Restaurants….The Dining room on the CRUISE SHIP!