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August 2014 IWSG


Wow, is it really August?

It seems like this summer is flying by.InsecureWritersSupportGroup

The first Wednesday of every month is IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group), a time to vent, share our insecurities, and release our fears into the world.

For me, the month of July was all about getting back to blogging. I have been so sporadic over the last few months that I really wanted to refocus and I did just that.

But what happened in the meantime, was I quit querying agents on my finished book. I realized I needed a synopsis. But that is all I have done, realized it. I haven’t taken the time to work on writing it. Oh sure, I have read articles on how to write an amazing synopsis. But every time I try and start to work on it, something comes up (meaning I make up a reason to stop). For whatever reason, I am petrified of this darn synopsis…. And my new story I am writing, has sat dormant and may be growing cobwebs by now.

So for August, my goal is to continue the regular blogging and as much as it pains me. WRITE MY SYNOPSIS!!

How are the rest of my writer friends doing this month?

If you want to join the group click below:

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IWSG A Time of Support!


It’s the first Wednesday of the month and time again for the IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group) started by the talented Alex Cavanaugh. It is a day in which we writers can share our insecurities as well as reach out and help other writers when we are doing well. InsecureWritersSupportGroup

We all have those low and insecure moments as well as those amazing highs. I think writers in general have to learn how to maintain those bi-polar feelings in order to exist.

As of this moment things are going okay for me. My queries are out in the internet world doing their work and hopefully I will catch a bite this time around. I realized after the first batch of queries (3) and all rejections that I needed to take a look at my first chapter again. This is the chapter that’s going to hook my agent. After picking it up a few weeks after I was done, I realized there was A LOT of improvement to be done. So that is just what I did. I scrapped the first chapter and re-wrote it.

It sounds much better now. My characters voice now screams out of the page instead of finding itself lost in a wordy mess.

I am also work-shopping it again to really finely polish it!

Plus, I have started on a new adventure with an entirely new cast who I am enjoying getting to know.

Mix in, the day job, the pre-schooler, the Ebay business, housework, P90X3, and the husband and I am doing a pretty good job of squeaking every bit of usable time out of each and every day!

Hope my fellow writers out there are on the up-climb as well!


Insecure Writer’s Support Group – Feb 2014 Edition


The first Wednesday of each month is Insecure Writer’s Support Group Day – Started by Alex J. Cavanaugh.  It is a time when writers can release their fears into the world and give encouragement to others, allowing us writers the opportunity not to feel alone in our struggles and fears… You can find the link here….


I am editing again… One day I will finish this novel and be satisfied enough to send it off to an agent.

It only took me 4 months to write the first draft of this story, it was a whopping 45K words. But, it was the first novel I had ever finished. It had a beginning, middle, and end, that was definitely something to be proud of. Up until this point, I had had notebooks and computer files full of partial stories.

Only now, I am going on 9 months for editing, granted I took off November for NaNo and December to rest. Nevertheless, the other 7 months have really been going over and over this story. I am up to 67K words now. I am about ¼ of the way through my current pass (5th pass).

My fear is I will never know when to stop…. I don’t want to stop to early, but I don’t want to edit and revise this story for the rest of my life either….

The big question… WHEN TO STOP?

If I figure out the answer, I will let you know. If you KNOW the answer, then by all means, let me know!

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IWSG November NaNoWriMo Edition


On the first Wednesday of each month, writer’s across the globe get a chance to reach out to our own little support group.InsecureWritersSupportGroup
The Insecure Writer’s Support Group was created by Alex Cavanaugh so that writers would have a place to express the problems they are facing with their writer, fears, concerns, you name it, without the fear of contempt.

For me the past few months this has been done on the first Thursday of the month. I am not sure if it because of lack of planning, busy Wednesday’s, or simply something deep inside that unwittingly is trying to buck the system. In any event the time has come for me to share:

For me the month of November I have decided to join the other thousands of writers who are taking a chance on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) – Basically it is taking the month of November to write that novel. You know the one where you say “Someday, I am going to write a book.” Well the month of November is someday!

For me I wrote and finished my first ever book earlier this year and it has been long days and nights of editing ever since. I am still in the depths of editing that piece and personally needed a break.
I had actually forgotten all about NaNoWriMo, until I saw a Facebook post on November 1st.
I just went “click” what a perfect time to step away from the one I am editing and see, just see, if I can write another novel this year. And this one in 30 days no less.

That same day I saw a post one of my friends wrote about her old college buddies getting together to go back to a beach house they had visited one time. I had the spark and in a few hours I had laid out the thought behind “The House on Lake Marion.” – That is the novel I am writing this month.

So, you are probably all saying…”What is there to be afraid of? You finished a novel this year already and now you are shooting for #2.”

HOLY CRAP! I am shooting for #2 – Seriously, it is like going from 0-100 in a race car.

Plus, for this NaNoWriMo – I need to average 1,667 words a day to make the 50K word deadline by the end of November.

So far, that has been okay, by the end of day six (yesterday) I was at 10,699 words – the goal was 10K so I am ahead of schedule a bit.

Here is the problem. – A lot of that was introduction of my characters. There are 10 – again wow! I am fearful that I won’t be able to give them all the voice I want them to have, but they are each critical to the outcome of the story.

I have introduced them, and I know how this week at the lake house is going to end. But now, starting on word 10,700, I have to begin to get them to that ending. That part is freaking me out. I know the outcome but I am not sure how they arrive there.

When I don’t know what is going to happen or how a character is going to get from point A to point B, I write. Sometimes what I write is word vomit that needs tossed in the trash, but sometimes my subconscious has already decided what is going to happen and how my characters are going to arrive at the end point. I just have to stop “trying to figure it out.” And set down and write.

But the real struggle of trying to write a 50K word novel in a month is not just the sheer volume of words that need to be written each day. It is the “paying” job that still has to be done, the toddler who still has to have mommy time, the husband who still has to have wifey time, the house that needs cleaned, the laundry that needs washed.

I have survived and made it through the first 6 days – Only 24 more just like it to go!
Well – it is too bad I can’t count this blog post as part of my 1,667 words!

I am off to get some real work done!

See ya later Wordies!

Insecure Writer’s Support Group – September 2013


So I came across this website from Alex J. Cavanaugh called IWSG – If you haven’t heard of it, it is Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The first Wednesday of every month is officially IWSG day. A day for writers everywhere to be okay sharing the insecurities they are feeling about their writings. What a great idea! And so, I joined.

For me right now I am absolutely feeling insecure about my writing.
I have finished my first draft, second draft and working on a third draft of my novel. Still I am far away from the word count I need, I am only in the low 60K and since I am not writing a romance I need to have at least another 10K words. I have added new chapters and I am now adding a third characters viewpoint into the story, so I hope this will help me out.


Still as I go through the third draft I can’t help but begin to wonder is it really good enough?
Am I wasting my time?
Who do I think I am that I can write and publish a book? 
Am I too old?
To inexperienced?
To busy?
To lazy? ……Well, you get the picture…..

Sometimes I can look at the words on my page and go… “Wow, did I really write that? I am amazing!”
Sometimes I can look and go “Seriously, did I actually write that? What is wrong with me.”

I think (at least I hope) that all writers go through this process. Still, it is hard.

Plus, I have a ton of other ideas floating around my head and filling up note pages on my computer but I don’t think it is fair to the current story to cheat on it with another new young fresh story. So I keep plugging away hoping I will finally know when this one truly done and I can move on…..

Okay well I got all that out and survived…