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Shouting Match with the Devil




I had a shouting match in the car this morning when I took my daughter to school. Well it wasn’t so much as a match as it was a one-sided yelling battle.

No… It wasn’t with her.

It was with the devil after I dropped her off at school.

As if the Valentine’s day shooting in South Florida wasn’t enough, a handful of kids in our school district, and likely school districts around the world, for some unknown reason think it is okay to write threats, now.

They are writing threats on the bathroom walls, telling other friends they are brining a gun to school, calling in fake intruder calls. Yes, this happened last week, that student was arrested and still the threats are happening.

WHY? Because they don’t want to go to school on a Friday? (This is when most of these fake threats happen)

The sad part is, if there was a real threat mixed in with all these cry-wolf threats, we might never see it. The kids are muddying the waters.

I know the police department and school systems here are working overtime to make sure these threats are fake. But, It is taking resources and time that should be used elsewhere!

AND….. I had to have a conversation with my 2nd grader last night!


Yes, they have drills for intruders. She understands that an intruder is someone not invited or allowed on school property and came to possibly do harm. But I had to have a talk with her about her friends and classmates. I had to make sure she knew if she saw a gun or heard something like that from a classmate she needed to tell her teacher, right away!

I shouldn’t have to do that!

I should be able to send her to school and know that she is safe and protected. I should be confident that she is just learning and getting a good education. But it’s not that simple anymore.

There are so many issues that under debate here now: (Please keep in mind that the responses to these are my opinions – we are all entitled to them!)

1. Gun control or new laws surrounding them – Don’t take away my right to bear arms. HOWEVER, personally I see no reason why a civilian should have an Assault Rifle.

2. Arming teachers – Do not force this upon our teachers. They already have enough responsibility taking care of our children. This needs to be a teacher by teacher decision if it ever gets to that! I would rather have an unarmed teacher than have a teacher that was uncomfortable with a gun forced to carry one.

3. Putting God back in schools – Okay yes, I get this one. But let me share a little secret with you. My child takes God to school with her EVERY SINGLE DAY! If God is in your home and your family, when your kid goes to school…. God is with them in school!

So yes, this morning I had a shouting match with the devil. I banned him from my daughter’s school!

As parents it is our job to raise up good kids.

To teach them right and wrong. Share our beliefs and values with them to make them responsible adults. We are growing up our future. We need to make sure we put the time in and not just shove them off to the side with a tablet or phone, spend time together, talk about the issues at school and how they are feeling, really know and understand your kid.

Debating an issue isn’t going to solve a problem. Knowing your kid, I mean really knowing them. That is the key!


Wanting Spring, this Winter


If only I could live in perpetual season of spring; the perfect season.

A world filled with constant blooms, gentle warm winds and temperatures always in the 70’s.

But such is not life. There is winter right now, and while we don’t get much here in Georgia. We get more than I need or want. However, my daughter loves it, even when we simply get just a dusting of snow.


Snowball Fight!

This year we got enough snow for her to make a snow angel. ♥ 😉


Mommy, look at my snow angel

And even build a snowman.


Do you wanna build a snowman?

This post is in response to the weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post, this week it is Seasons.

Life Imitates Art: A photo challenge



Having a seat with Roosevelt at The Hall of Presidents, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.




And in this case…. she IS the art!


One of my favorites from our pumpkin patch a few years ago.


Each week – The Daily Post has a new photo challenge: This week is Life Imitates Art

Being a Good Mommy Isn’t Always Rainbows and Unicorns



So, last Thursday night, baby girl came down with the stomach virus. Seeing someone vomit makes daddy vomit, actually hearing someone make the vomiting sound could make daddy vomit, so mommy to the rescue.

*** Aren’t you impressed by how many times I can say vomit in one paragraph!

Truthfully, I didn’t mind at all. I mean, I hate she was sick but since she was, I wanted to be close to her and let her know how much I loved her, rubbing her back while she did her business and holding her close in her bed while she tried to get some sleep between bouts back and forth to the bathroom.

By the next morning she was all better. Fast forward 48 hours and guess who has the virus now. Yep, it was mommy. It was an awful, painful, exhausting night. But, I would do it again. I don’t want to do it again, but I would if that meant I was making baby girl feel better.

My husband said to me yesterday, when I was feeling better. “Now I bet you wish you hadn’t slept up there with her the other night.” Nope, that is not what I wish. What I wish is that I could have bypassed the virus. I would have slept up there with her again if it happened. I would do if she had the flu, strep throat, any kind of contagious disease at all. Mommy will ALWAYS be there by her side.

That is the price we pay as mommies. I would step in front a bus for her, I would do anything in my power to make her feel better always and forever.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am sure if for some reason I wasn’t able to, my husband would have stepped up to the plate, reluctantly, but he would have stepped up to the plate to take care of baby girl. But with mommy around, he didn’t have to.

Sometimes being a mommy or a daddy isn’t rainbows and unicorns, sometimes it’s rubbing a back that hunched over a toilet. No matter what it is the best job in the world and it pays in smiles, hugs, and kisses from my little angel. That is the best currency there is!

Pre School Gender Issues or Just Kids being Kids?


Over the past few weeks my daughter has been talking about this girl in her class, we will call her “Mia” who is suddenly telling the other children to call her “Tyler”. Initially when she said this to me, I laughed it off. I mean my daughter tells me to call her Ana, Elsa, Olaf, Princess, etc… so I really didn’t pay much attention.

But, what I thought was a simple child just playing around, seems to be something different. We were looking at her class picture the other day and talking about the children and I pointed to Mia and said something about her shirt. My daughter looked at me very serious and said, “Mommy, don’t call her Mia. She’s a boy now and her name is Tyler.”

I have seen this child as we go in and out of school each day and she is dressed and looks like the little girl Mia that I know. But still my daughter insists her name is Tyler now.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if the little girl wants to be called Tyler. I just want to understand if I am dealing with children playing around or if this is the time for a life lesson for my daughter. So, today I asked the teachers about it. They were as confused as I was. Apparently she hasn’t told the teachers she wanted to be called Tyler, only the other children.

I am not sure how or if I even should approach this with my daughter. I mean, I don’t know if she is playing around or if she really is having gender issues this early in life. Should I broach the subject with my daughter or should I just ignore it for now?

I am very happy to say that my child is colorblind. I don’t mean literally, but simply that when she sees other people of different color or nationality, she doesn’t look at them or treat them any differently than people who look like her. I believe if we teach our children acceptance, it will make them better little humans. I want to make sure if Mia is having gender issues that my daughter will understand, accept and not judge her.

What are your thoughts?

God Was Going To Drink Her?


Today my brother and ten-year-old nephew were sitting in my living room looking over a photo book I had recently made of our cruise vacation.

As they looked over the pictures, my brother came to this one…


His eyes lit up and his heart warmed. He said to my nephew,“and to think she was made in a cup.”

For those of you who may not know, my husband and I were married 18 years and trying for a baby before we finally sought out the help of fertility specialist. We had In-Vitro 3 times before one finally stuck.

That beautiful little girl who was made in petrie dish is our pride and joy.

My nephew, though he probably knows as we talk about it often, he likely doesn’t realize what In-Vitro actually means. Who knows if he even really knows how a baby is conceived the normal way.

So my brother said, “and to think she was made in a cup.”

And my nephew immediately, and with complete seriousness followed with, “So God was going to drink her?”

Oh, how I love that boy!

Cold Weather, Thanksgiving, & Black Friday!


It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Already I am tired of the cold weather and the germs that it seems to bring along with it. Baby girl had Hand Foot & Mouth, immediately followed by the Flu, which turned into Pneumonia over the weekend. She has had a rough time of it, but finally yesterday was able to return to Germ-K – I mean Pre-K.

Hours after dropping her off at school my ear began to throb in pain. You guessed it, ear infection. So now, 2 out of 3 of us are on antibiotics. We seem like a pitiful bunch, but we are all getting better. Still I could use a little sunshine and saltwater, it always seems to make things better.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

In light of it drawing up so close on Thanksgiving, I have been searching the Black Friday ads. I have a couple things I was really looking for: A great deal on a Fish Tank and wall standing doll house. I didn’t find either of these in any ads so I guess I will just have to search out the best rates.

Do you guys go Black Friday shopping on Thursday now? It seems that the best deals are still around 6pm Thanksgiving night. Sucks really, because our family meal usually starts around 4. The one year I had to leave to get a play kitchen that was a STEAL for baby girl was pretty sad. I ate and ran and didn’t spend any time with my family. I mean I like a deal and all, but I have decided that I won’t do it at the expense of family time again.

I wish Black Friday stuff started at Midnight… Isn’t that the way it used to be?

Okay, that is all the time I have for now as this is part of Ready Set, Go prompt, but I would love to hear your thoughts on Black Friday…