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Oh my God – What is wrong with these guys on the Bachelor.


Ok don’t judge me but I am a Reality Junkie!!

And one of my guilty pleasures is the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I just finished watching last night’s DVR’d episode and I can just not understand where your head is right now Sean Lowe I mean did you learn nothing from the Ben & Courtney season?

Please let Tierra-ABLE TERROR LiCausi go home!

And on that note, who takes a bunch of girly girls to a roller derby. Takes a special kind of girl to get into the roller derby scene and I do not think any of this bunch qualifies. And really you should have left Sarah Herron back at the mansion for this one. I get that you wanted to treat her just like any other girl. But really all you really did is throw her disability in her face making her feel worse than before. Maybe she overcame a hurdle but she felt humiliated while she was doing it.

You can’t just mold these women into the woman you want them to be, they have to be comfortable in that lifestyle. I am sorry but I don’t see the Tierra-ABLE TERROR really living and enjoying your adventurous lifestyle. I think she wants caviar and fancy dresses. You need to take a closer look at that one and when you look in her eyes move past the desire you see and take a deep look into the crazy! You might be crazy about her but she is just plain crazy!

Actually while I am at there is a ton of crazy in Amanda Meyer too, luckily you were smart enough to save yourself from that disaster waiting to happen!

And let’s talk about Leslie Hughes for a minute. Wasn’t she on the short lived Take Me Out game show where she was trying to beat out 30 other girls for a date with a male contestant? She is an actress, but it shows poker dealer on her Bachelor profile. It is not surprising that she went home, she was more like the friend next door rather than a lifelong partner for him.

So who do I see as a perfect fit for you Mr. Sean? I like Desiree Hartsock and Lesley Murphy personally. I think they are both athletic and funny and an all around good fit for you.

Are you listening?