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I feel the pounding of my heart
The race that isn’t run on the streets
The beat that isn’t played by the drums
It’s the rhythm of fear


My heart cries out to you
My soul hurts for you
I feel the pain that you’re masking
The drugs you take are breaking me


I long to heal you
To take away your hurt and pain
But you’re a master of avoidance
Always running away


Is it shame you feel
That keeps you at arms length
You should know that I love you
And that will never change 


You are my blood
There is nothing
That could break my heart
More than your pain


In response to The Daily Post Prompt Vague

Where is the Strangest Place you have ever lived?


I started writing a story this morning about ghosts and my life and realized that I need to write my “life story” for that it was getting so long but what it did lead me to realize is that I have lived a lot of crazy places.

My parents were what you might call gypsies, meaning they traveled around and settled for moments at a time. They were subcontract painters for apartment complexes and they went where the work took them. Pretty much back and forth between Florida and Georgia.

We lived in houses and apartments all over those two states.  After my brother was born, before he could even walk we lived on a houseboat on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, GA.

Front of our houseboat. See baby brothers crib out on deck!

Front of our houseboat. See baby brothers crib out on deck!

We lived there for less than a year I believe. The deciding factor in us moving off the houseboat was when my mother was holding my baby brother and stepping off the boat onto the dock. She didn’t make it and into the winter lake water she and my brother went. My mother was loaded down with leather boots, a leather coat and a purse that weighed as much as small airplane, all that and my brother. I remember watching my brother’s head bob up and down in the water. Being under the water more than he was above the water and being afraid that I had lost them both. I was barely 7 years at the time and there was nothing I could do to save them except scream for help. My father was already at the end of the dock and unable to hear my screams. Luckily some of our neighbors heard my cries and came to the rescue of my mother and brother. Needless to say we moved off the boat very shortly after that incident.

You might think that was the strangest place I lived but it isn’t really. My dad bought some land and we moved a small trailer onto it while we were building our house. We lived in that trailer with phone on a tree outside. It was the early 80’s so the only people with cell phones were CIA and FBI!

The trailer was way too small for the 4 of us so we moved into the house we were building when it only had a slab, outside walls and electricity.

The outside of the house!

The outside of the house!

It didn’t even have indoor plumbing at the time we had to go to an outhouse that was set up to use the potty for a few months. My absolute most favorite birthday gift I ever received was on my 12th birthday. We had been living in the house we were building a while now and still the only room that had inside walls was the bathroom.

Our Kitchen and Dining Room at the time!

Our Kitchen and Dining Room at the time!

I remember my parents telling us we couldn’t go upstairs because the builders were working and it was very dangerous. On my 12th birthday I was taken upstairs past the rooms with only studs for walls, to a door. Besides the bathroom door downstairs it was the only door in our house.

When the door was opened I walked into a fully finished and fully furnished bedroom. I had a canopy bed and all my furniture. I had decorations and walls that were painted. I had a walk in closet full of new clothes. I had carpet and a window. I even had a telephone by my bed.

Me in the floor of my finished bedroom with Carpet... If you look behind me you can see through the door of my room the hallway was still only wood planks!

Me in the floor of my finished bedroom with Carpet… If you look behind me you can see through the door of my room the hallway was still only wood planks!

Outside the room was an unfinished house with only studs for walls but inside the room you would never know it. It was by far the absolute best gift I could have ever been given at 12 years old!

So, a houseboat, a trailer with a phone on a tree, and house with no walls, those are the 3 strangest places I have ever lived.
What about you?